PULSE Enneagram

The Illlusion from Walsch that Eights need to unveil is the illusion of superiority.  No one is superioe to anyone else – although 8’s are not comfortable unless they are in control becuase no one can do it quite like they can.  As a seven with an eight wing I get that.  Where one’s like to get things right, eights like for everyone to get things right.  The inconsistencies in spelling in grammar in this document for example would be corrected for me by an 8 where as a 1 might judge but not correct.

Yesterday I didn’t have the 7 illusion at my finger tips.  Today I see that it is the illusion of Insufficiency.  7’s need to believe that enough is enough and it is interesting that I am only at this age beginning to understand that.  There is enough of everything in the world.  You have enough.  Knowing that takes them to the  higher quality of gratitude a la Riso and Hudson.  What is cool is that Riso and Hudson are in the same hotel as me.  I will meet them later today and will let you know how grateful I am that I came to Atlanta.  Being grateful as a 7 is not something I express as well as I might and I will work on it today.

The Illusion of Superiority for the 8 is present for 8’s because their own identity is folded into the causes they take on and their path is toward the higher quality of self -surrender.  Even surrendering to the will of a group rather than taking charge is uncomfortable for an 8 and could send them to the 5 stress point where they with draw and watch.  When they are in control they move toward the caring two growth point and look after others.

Today I am surrendering to the day to see what happens next at the IEA conference.  As any 8 would say “Have a good one.” … and they would mean that as a strong suggestion… (smile)

Today is my birthday. I am a seven and I am having an adventure. It is early morning and I am in Dulles Airport. When I left Calgary 12 hours ago I had no intention of coming to Washington Dulles, the very airport that swallowed my luggage in April. I arrived in Denver for in transit for Atlanta yesterday afternoon. The flight was delayed and then cancelled because of mechanical issues with the plane. So I was re booked on the 1155 to Dulles and I arrived here three hours later with little sleep and a three hour wait before my two hour flight to Atlanta. Happy birthday to me (smile).


Airports offer lots of opportunities to people watch especially in the middle of the night. What I notice is that regardless of culture you can identify quickly the differences within families and culltures and you can SEE the BEACHs of origin and who is on the Stress Ferry.


What I also notice is that without sleep people need to eat.


Sevens move toward contentment. I am actually feeling quite content on this the first day of my 56th year. I love my life, my family, my work. They all offer me the acceptance I need to manage the chaos I continue to create. Sometimes my family creates a little chaos for me. They really are thoughtful that way (smile) and I love them for it.


I can’t remember the illusion that sevens need to overcome and I really don’t know how to look for it while I type this email to Marjorie so she can post it. Sevens don’t really care about those kinds of things anyway unless they are bored and it catches their interest.


Sevens need to satisfy their stressed One before they can accept the fun and adventure that motivates them in their healthy place. Variety is important. And a Seven who has satisfied the variety piece can then move to the evolved Five where they become thoughtful and analytical and productive. A need for seclusion arises.  I feel that need myself from time to time. Travel suits me for now and although I am tired I am haapy to be on another adventure to meet new people at the IEA conference.

Thanks for listening. Comments are encouraged so that my neighbour Six knows you are there.

Sixes may have been skeptical that I would every get around to talking about them.  As a six I would be wondering if anyone is really reading this.  Sixes move toward Acceptance in intergration.  It is the quality that Riso and Hudson identify for them.  It is also the missing criteria for them when they are in conflict.  The Illusion of Judgement as identified by Walsch is what the one that they need to understand.  Judgement does not exist according to Walsch and when sixes see that they can move toward Acceptance.

Sixes will also be afraid that they don’t know enough about the Enneagram at this point so I have decided to include my paper for the International Enneagram Association in its entirety below.  It is 14 pages and there is no judgement around whether you read it all or not.  BE KNOW DO who you are.  If you are in your six, enjoy the detail and the revelation of everything I know about Enneagram … well alsmost everything (smile).  Seven’s like to tease sixes!!

The Enneagram and the 1-9 BEACH’s

BY Dr. Nancy Love


The PULSE Frame is a conversation archetype discovered and developed over the past decade that relies heavily on an understanding of the Enneagram to effectively manage conversations within the Frame.  The Frame has five building blocks; Prepare, Uncover, Learn Search and Explain. The names of the pieces spell PULSE.  Each is distinct in purpose and focus and each builds on the previous so that participants in the conversation go away with a clear sense of what will happen next.  The purpose of this paper is to familiarize the reader with the PULSE Frame and its use of the Enneagram typologies.  The Frame is firmly anchored in Appreciative Inquiry and thought and relies heavily on understanding changing perceptions in conversation and the Enneagram for its continued success. PULSE practitioners (users and teachers) in many parts of the world use the Frame as a mediation tool, a coaching tool, a negotiation tool, an inquiry tool, a strategic planning tool, a sales tool and a learning tool.  It can and has been applied in many situations to resolve differences to the satisfaction of everyone involved.


Prepare for the reading

The process for this paper follows the PULSE Frame for writing: Prepare will set you up for reading with an introduction that includes the protocol, process, purpose, confidentiality, authority, roles and time. Uncover explores what is known about PULSE and the Enneagram with a new twist on the Enneagram and the BEACH pneumonic and their uses in the PULSE Frame. Following Uncover, Learn explores the significance:  the reasons that this discovery is important to PULSE practitioners and of certain interest to Enneagram practitioners as well.  Search explores applications for this concept. Explain is a call to action for you the reader and a commitment from me, the writer, as to next steps for integrating this thinking.

A protocol for PULSE conversations ensures an environment where parties can keep on listening and say what needs to be said to resolve their circumstances. The PULSE protocol calls on parties to be Gentle with each other, so that the other person can keep listening; to speak Honestly, revealing any thoughts of feelings in a gentle way; to be Open to hearing what the other person is saying and allow their words to influence present perceptions; to use Specific examples that lead to clarity in communication; and to Talk, to say what they are thinking so that they are prepared to move on.  This protocol guides the writing of this paper as well and I invite you to consider it as you read.  My role as author is to be gentle, honest, open, and specific and to talk with you; yours is to stay engaged until you have read the entire paper. The information forms part of a presentation to the International Enneagram Association Conference in Atlanta in July, 2008.  As author, I outline my thinking and as reader you are invited to provide feedback in an email to nancylove@pulseinstitute.com. The short paper will provide a basic overview of the concept and its uses.


Uncover the story

The story of this discovery began in San Diego at a PULSE learning session.  Although participants had been using and teaching the PULSE Frame for a while, a few had not been introduced to the Enneagram and the power and strength that it adds to the Frame.  In a single session it is difficult to become acquainted with the nine enneatypes.  Participants had read about them in the PULSE Conversations for Change (Love, 2008) text and had completed the RHETI Sampler (Riso and Hudson) so they had an idea of what their own types might be.  Remembering all nine types created the first challenge and then remembering where parties might be in growth and in stress and what their wing might be created stress for the participants who were anxious to understand and apply the learning.

            As we travelled together through the session, someone read a quote from PULSE Conversations for Change that had resonated with them.  “When travelling, remember that other countries are not designed for your comfort but for the comfort of the people who live there.” I had often referred to Enneatypes as ‘default settings’ but this quote provided another metaphor – ‘country of origin’.  As I began to talk about the nine types as nine countries of origin, each with its own culture and set of Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes (BEACH), I realized that describing each Enneatype as a beach would perhaps make it more meaningful for PULSE Practitioners who already understood the BEACH acronym and how it is used to identify criteria for resolution within the Frame.

The PULSE Frame uses a Gentle, Honest, Open, Specific Talk protocol for parties to use while speaking and listening to each other.  This is generally aimed at having people speak so that others can keep on listening, so that the sharing of information is complete – transmitted and received without defensiveness.  Effective conversations have all of the elements of a PULSE conversation whether parties are aware of the frame or not.  It identifies the natural way in which effective conversations evolve and uses that knowledge to structure conversations where conflict or tension may get in the way. 

The conversation begins by Preparing parties for the conversation, by setting purpose, process and protocol clearly and identifying authority, confidentiality or audience, roles and time for the conversation.  Then parties Uncover the past circumstance, Learn the present significance of the circumstance and Search possibilities for the future that address the criteria from the present before they Explain a plan of action moving forward.  Each piece has a conversation flow map that changes as parties move from one piece to another.  In Prepare, the conversation leader does most of the talking to the parties.  In Uncover, the parties tell their story while others listen.  In Learn parties engage in a dialogue aimed at surfacing the criteria for a better future together, answering the question “Why is this important?” of “What are the underlying Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes that you have in this situation?”  In Search parties brainstorm 10 – 12 ideas or options for resolution which are captured on chart paper and in Explain the conversation leader acts as scribe to capture the detailed plan of action in writing.

One of the key elements that distinguish this kind of structured conversation is the identification of criteria for a better future.  This identification comes about in the Learn piece where parties share what is important or significant about the situation, what’s missing so that future plans can address the present criteria.  PULSE practitioners use the BEACH acronym to remember the Beliefs, Expectation, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes that they are listening for in this piece.  BEACH is also a descriptor or perhaps a metaphor for the nine points on the Enneagram circle and the path that parties follow as they move through the conversation from the past, through the present and on to the future.  Knowing the Enneagram makes it much easier for conversation leaders to get to the BEACH of the parties, to understand why they may be stuck on one BEACH and which other BEACH is attractive to them.  The use of the Enneagram as a tool for understanding where people come from or their home BEACH, where they go in stress and where they go when they are ready to move on has enhanced the PULSE Frame considerably.  The Enneagram makes the PULSE conversation more accessible to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

            On the Enneagram circle there are nine points.  Each represents a BEACH, a set of Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes.  Each is designed for the comfort of the residents of the BEACH.  Each BEACH has neighbours that arrive from time to time for support and the proverbial cup of sugar.  Each BEACH has visitors from other BEACH’s who arrive for different reasons, on ferries that change direction, each needing to spend time on that particular BEACH at that particular time for different reasons.  As a PULSE Practitioner it really isn’t necessary to know why someone is on the BEACH when you meet them in conversation.  It is important to be able to identify which BEACH the party is on and what needs they are trying to satisfy at that time.  The Language of the participants will give PULSE practitioners an indication of the BEACH the person is coming from at the time, whether they are a resident, a neighbour or a visitor will become clearer as the conversation progresses.  When parties move to another BEACH, they will begin to use the language of that BEACH and will conform to the culture, values and norms, although they may have an accent that distinguishes them from the natives of the BEACH.  Parties may move through and visit three BEACHs in one conversation.  In Uncover they may be on the “one beach”.  In Learn they may have shifted to the “seven beach”.  The Search and Explain, they may be visiting the “five beach”.  What makes this easier to track is that the “ferries” only run between certain BEACHs and at specific times, for specific reasons.  On most BEACHs it is easy to identify the residents because they are very comfortable with the Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes and very fluent in the language.

For example someone whose home BEACH is the SEVEN BEACH could be seen to travel in a conversation.  In UNCOVER they may be on the ONE BEACH because they are feeling stressed.  In LEARN they may have shifted to the SEVEN BEACH where they can identify their default criteria.  The SEARCH and EXPLAIN, they may be visiting the FIVE BEACH, which fits with a SEVENs Growth Path.  What makes this easier to track is that the Ferries that connect the BEACHs only run between certain BEACHs and at specific times, for specific reasons.  On most BEACH’s it is easy to identify the residents because they are very comfortable with the Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes and very fluent in the language.  They are clear as to the criteria for motivation on the BEACH and contribute to the consistency there.  Chart 1 indicates the one word descriptors for the BEACHs and also indicates a FERRY Schedule that takes parties from the Red Zone or Emotional Past to the, in the Yellow Zone or Active Present and then to the Green Zone of Thoughtful Futures.  For each number the Zones are different which explains the diversity of motivation on any one BEACH.  People are there for different reasons and are in different Zones even though they may be on the same BEACH.  Descriptions of each of the BEACHs and the inhabitants and visitors follow.



Red Zone


PULSE Yellow Zone

Basic Enneatypes striving for…


Green Zone



1 – perfection



2 – connection



3 – success



4 – differentiation



5 – detachment



6 – security



7 – excitement



8 – power



9 – peace



The ONE BEACH is neat and organized.  It is situated in the Active Present Harbour.  There are rules and standards and everyone is happy to follow them.  There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  From time to time a neighbour from BEACH NINE or TWO arrives to enjoy the ONE BEACH, to experience the tidiness and be supported by it.  Visitors also arrive from other BEACH’s for different reasons.  The SEVEN residents arrive on the Stress Ferry when they are feeling stressed and need to create and maintain some order in their hectic lives which they do with zeal and over exuberance.  They are in the ONE BEACH in the Red Zone.  FOUR residents arrive on the Growth Ferry when they are feeling more secure and ready to move away from their desire to be different, moving toward conformity on the ONE BEACH.  They are on the ONE BEACH in the Green Zone.  Native ONES are enjoying the perfection in their Yellow Zone on the BEACH that shines brightest for them.

The TWO BEACH is a caring place where people help each other.  It is found in the Emotional Past Harbour.  There is a sense of selflessness that is highly valued.  Taking care of others is not only second nature it is first. From time to time a neighbour arrives from BEACH ONE or THREE to help others and regain a sense of purpose and fulfill their need to be needed.  Visitors arrive on the Growth Ferry from BEACH EIGHT.  They are in the Green Zone, working for a cause and helping others.  The Stress Ferry from BEACH FOUR brings visitors who are over protective and a domineering.  They are in the Red Zone and will need to fulfill this need to help someone before they are comfortable returning home to their own BEACH.  Resident TWO’s are happy to look after the Red Zone FOURS.  They also enjoy helping each other and sharing a need to help on this their Yellow Zone or sunniest BEACH.

The THREE BEACH has hardworking, success oriented residents.  There is always lots to do because keeping busy and productive is important to those who live there.  The THREE BEACH is the center of the Emotional Past Harbour.  The Sign says “BEST BEACH For DECADES” and when TWO’s visit from the neighbouring BEACH, they agree.  FOUR’s also drop in to get a boost of ambition to their creative side.  The Growth Ferry brings people from the SIX BEACH so that they can work hard and accomplish a lot on this inspirational BEACH once they feel their needs for security have been met.  They are in the Green Zone moving toward a better future. The Stress Ferry brings NINE residents who can be boastful and self-centered when they arrive.  They are in their Red Zone and will need to feel successful before they can again be comfortable on their home BEACH.  The THREE BEACH provides them with lots of activity and opportunity to receive acknowledgement in contrast to their own quiet, relaxed NINE BEACH.  Native THREE’s are enjoying the business and the accomplishment on this their home Yellow Zone BEACH.

The FOUR BEACH is different.  Everyone is different on the FOUR BEACH.  Uniqueness is something that is celebrated here.  FOUR’s are motivated by differentiating themselves from others.  It is also found in the Emotional Past Harbour.  THREE’s visit from the neighbouring BEACH  to feel special or supported in their uniqueness.  FIVE’s also seek support for unique ideas on this BEACH that values their individuality.  The FOUR BEACH also hosts ONE’s who arrive on the Stress Ferry and are in the Red Zone, stuck in a place until their individuality is acknowledged and TWO’s who arrive on the Growth Ferry to find their Green Zone and move toward their higher quality of Self Nurturing. FOUR’s are at home on this BEACH that is different from others and allows for their uniqueness to be seen as special.  It is a sunny Yellow Zone place for them.

The FIVE BEACH is often very quiet.  People enjoy the ease with which they can detach from each other without ruffling anyone else.  FIVE’s are observers in the Thoughtful Future Harbour, the absent minded professors, the analytical.  From the FIVE BEACH the world is a place to be studied.  Neigbours from the Loyal Skeptic BEACH of the SIX come to think and find support for their own suspicions or sense of loyalty and time to think.  Neigbours from the FOUR BEACH are looking for evidence to support their latest creative brilliance.  The Stress Ferry brings people from the EIGHT BEACH who are in their Red Zone and are less than friendly in their quiet detachment.  Native s in the Yellow Zone are seeking time to reflect and detach to observe the world and bask in the sunshine.  The Growth Ferry has also brought some evolving SEVEN’s who are multi-tasking even as they enjoy the solitude and the opportunity to focus and concentrate.

The SIX BEACH is a very safe place to be.  SIXes enjoy checking and finding that all places, events and relationships are secure and they can relax.  It is the centre of the Thoughtful Future Harbour and the Loyal Skeptic Sixes ensure that they know the whereabouts of everyone at all times. People feel safe here and protected and they enjoy checking everything two or three times again. Neigbours from the SEVEN BEACH may drop by for support and to examine their own skepticism.  Leary FIVEs may enjoy the sense of sureness and protection provided here as well.  The Stress Ferry brings NINEs, normally peacemakers who in their Red Zone, need to face a fear and find reassurance before they can go back to their peaceful NINE BEACH.  The Growth Ferry brings Achiever THREEs who are in their Green Zone moving toward their authentic selves.  The native SIXs enjoy the search for the hidden agendas on this their sunny Yellow Zone BEACH.

The SEVEN BEACH is in the Thoughtful Future Harbour.  There are many plans for the completion of this BEACH and lots of meetings and sessions on how to finish things but generally there are wonderful ideas and concepts abandoned.  Everyone is having fun.  Neigbours from the SIX BEACH are enjoying the adventure as are the Neigbours from the EIGHT Protector BEACH because they are free of commitment in this place where people focus on a positive future.  The Stress Ferry brings FIVEs, normally withdrawn and pensive who become frivolous and scattered in their Red Zone.    The Growth Ferry brings ONEs who like to finish the unfinished projects and yet enjoy the playful sense of choice and freedom in this their Green Zone.  The Yellow Zone SEVENs enjoy the excitement, the variety, and the options.  They juggle the future on this their sunny home BEACH.

The EIGHT BEACH is well protected and everything is for your own good.  EIGHTs are in charge on this BEACH in the Active Present Harbour.  EIGHTS seek power and control and enjoy taking up causes.  This BEACH may seem a little chaotic to visitors because EVERYONE is in charge.  Visiting Neigbours from the SEVEN BEACH have found a way to harness their adventurousness and have taken charge.  NINEs from the neigbouring Peacemaker BEACH are taking up their own causes.  The Stress Ferry brings TWO’s into their bossy Red Zone and the Growth Ferry brings thoughtful FIVEs to their Green Zone, with a purpose, moving toward their higher quality of understanding.  EIGHTs enjoy the power and control on their home BEACH in their Yellow Zone where the sun shines on command.

The NINE BEACH is, in a word, peaceful.  It is the centre of the Active Present Harbour but you might not notice much action.  People are careful not to disturb the peace.  Harmony and unity are key values here.  It might look like a 1960’s Love In.  Neigbours from the EIGHT and ONE BEACHs love to visit to gain the energy and support they need when they return to their more active BEACHs.  The Stress Ferry brings THREEs into their Red Zone are lethargic and need to find unity and a sense of peacefulness before they can return to their Performer selves.  The Growth Ferry brings the SIXs on a journey toward their higher selves in the Green Zone.  They find acceptance and a sense of inner peace on this serene BEACH.  The Yellow Zone NINEs are happy, content to let the sunshine in and have everyone smile on this their native BEACH.

Learn the significance

Why is knowing about the BEACHs and the cultures and languages on the beaches important for PULSE practitioners?  As a PULSE Practitioner it becomes important to understand and recognize the differences between the languages.  A PULSE Practitioner is an interpreter.  They facilitate the understanding between the parties. In the Red Zone parties may be speaking different languages or acting in ways inconsistent with the culture and language of their Yellow Zone home BEACH.  The Practitioner knows the languages and the dialects of all of the BEACHs.  Parties may not be familiar with the ‘foreign’ language and be misinterpreting intention or motivation for what is being said.  Knowing who is on a BEACH and why is important if criteria for resolution are to be identified. The paths indicated in Chart 1 show the path for the journey that people are on and by identify who is on which BEACH practitioners can observe what needs need to be met before parties can shift to the next zone and move closer to resolution of the circumstance, to their Green Zones of integration.

What I see happening with PULSE is that people travel their life paths in one structured conversation.  I watch as I move through the Prepare piece and can identify rather quickly which Harbour they are in; the Thoughtful Future, The Active Present or the Emotional Past.  The start in their disintegrated Red Zone in the Uncover as they Uncover their story.  Language is important here and will indicate the BEACH of disintegrated Red Zone that people are on.  They will need to satisfy and have acknowledged that BEACH before the Ferry can take them to the next BEACH.  In Learn I watch the Ferry move from the Red Zone into the Yellow Zone where they become more comfortable with themselves and with the situation, seeing it in a new light.  In the Yellow Zone they are able to articulate their own criteria for a better future.  The PULSE practitioner/interpreter will recognize the languages of the 9 BEACHs here and  capture them so that everyone sees the unique and common aspects of everyone’s BEACHs.  Then in Search the Ferry moves on to the Green Zone of Growth and integration and the person seems transformed.  From my perspective, parties come to the meeting as one person and seem to leave as a different person and before I knew about Enneagram I could not explain the transition, the transformation that occurred.  Now I see clearly the path of the Ferries and I know that if the Ferries are guided by the PULSE Protocol of Gentle, Honest, Open, Specific Talks then the chances are better for a peaceful crossing.

Awareness of the subtle differences that indicate the BEACH of origin of the parties is the first step to creating a safe environment for discovery in the conversations.


Search the possibilities

How can Enneagram and PULSE Practitioners and Professionals use the knowledge of the BEACHs and their cultures and language to guide and structure conversations?  There are many exciting ways for people to use their knowledge of Enneagram to help others.  For me, I see that conversations leaders, whether they be coaches or mediators or negotiators or counselors, can be more efficient and more respectful and aware of the differences their parties present at different stages of the conversation.  Enneagram teaches us to value what we are not.  Using the Enneagram to guide conversations has the potential to teach clients to value differences as strength.  The possibility is that conversation professionals will use PULSE and the Enneagram to integrate the Enneagram wisdom into everyday conversations.

Explain the plan

So as a PULSE Practitioner and Professional and as an Enneagram Professional, I agree to use the BEACH metaphor to help people understand the different stances and perspectives that people bring with them as they enter into conversations and the changes that occur as they move through the conversation frame. I ask that you do the same.  Let me know what your thoughts, actions and responses are to the ideas presented here.  Recently I was reminded of the Army adage “DO, KNOW,BE”.  I could immediately see that Body people Do, Head people Know and Heart People just ARE.  I am interested in knowing how using this metaphor will change how you “DO KNOW BE” in the world.  Remember the marble.  Each one is unique and yet each holds the elements, the colours that make up the PULSE Enneagram and every client you will encounter is like the marble. With the MARBLE we have Marvelous, Abundant Relationships Built on Learning the Enneagram.  I apologize but I could not resist giving you just one more acronym.  Enjoy.


Dr. Nancy Love

Native of the SEVEN BEACH


Five’s on the Enneagram are motivated by detachment. They need time to analyse and process things.  I could use that as my excuse for abandoning the blog for these two weeks.  I was just being Five’ish.  In fact I have been active and distracted as Seven’s tend to be.  My apologies for deserting you.  I am back.

Riso and Hudson talk of the quality of Understanding when they talk about Five’s.  I agree that what is missing for Five’s in conflict is a clear understanding or clarity.  They need to know.  The illusion that Walsch identified that I believe corresponds is the Illusion of Ignorance.  What he says is that Ignorance is an illusion and that we know everything we need to know all of the time.  We know, just as we are.  My theory is that if Fives accept that ignorance is an illusion, and that they know everything they need to know, they will move to their higher quality of understanding and will be conflict free.

I know, therefore I am and I feel … the integration of the Enneagram.  Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta where I will attend the International Enneagram Association Conference.  On Friday I speak to those gathered about structured conversations and Enneagram. I am excited by  the possibilities.  I want people to know that the transition of a life time through the Enneagram growth and stress lines can also happen in one conversation.

Take a Five for example.  A Five may come into a conversation from stress in the Seven, scattered and suggesting unhealthy options.  As they relax they may move to their healthy, detached and analytical Five Observer and be able to identify the missing criteria in the situation.  Then they may move to their growth Eight and take control of the situation and move it forward almost single handedly like a perosn with a cause.

This  transition is one the Five will repeat for his or her life, moving closer each time to a quality of understanding and an acceptance of the illusion of ignorance.

Six tomorrow. I will set both alarms so that I will be sure to be here and get it done….

Four’s are about being different, about differentiating themselves from others.  They get their energy from being unique, special, one of a kind.  I love 4’s.  There are so predictably able to find ways to remove themselves from situations that do not favour their individuality.  The minute you attempt to normalize anything, they will add the drama to their situation that will make it stand out.  Drama and 4 go together. 

So the Illusion of Condemnation is about knowing that condemnation does not exist so being different or out of the ordinary is okay.  Without condemnation their really is no need for forgiveness, which is the quality that Riso and Hudson attribute to 4’s.  So what is missing for a 4 in conflict is forgiveness, both giving and receiving.

Four’s under stress go to 2.  If they can satisfy the stressed two by helping others then they can move into their creative selfs and nourish their unigueness in productive ways, which then leads to the positive side of the 1 on their growth line.  Evolved 4’s embrace order and standards like healthy 1’s.  They forgive others and themselves.

“Later” is a word I have heard 4’s use when they are avoiding something that sounds ordinary.  “I will join you later.” can be translated into “I do not want to be part of this”.  Healthy 4’s are sensitive introverts from the Heart Triad and will protect their own feelings, and will also try to avoid hurting others. Any of you who are 4’s are differentiating yourself from this description.  You avoid categorization or condemnation, which, according to Walsch is an Illusion.

“Later” – that is what this weekend was for me.  You know how you promiss yourself to do things later?  Well I got a lot of those kind of things done this weekend.  It was a later kind of weekend.  Tomorrow had arrived and I took full advantage.  Stampede is over and it is back to reality, to the ordinary everyday abhored by the 4’s among you.

This week is Stampede week in Calgary.  Some of you will know that during stampede people are very social and there are too many events going on to attend them all and it is a flurry … no … a frenzy of activity that is wonderful and tiring.  Last Sunday I sang O Canada three times at different events, which is not something I do alot in the off season.  I see people this week I rarely see otherwise.  Everyone is a friendly, smiling Cowboy.  The city transforms inot a wild west town and there are breakfasts and lunch barbeques and dinners sponsored by companies and shopping centres on every corner.  It is a cowboy Mardi Gras.  The rodeo and the chuck wagon events are at the heart of it all and are well attended every day.  There is so much to do that even a 7 like me, who enjoys the dizzying aray of things to do and see, is worn out by day 7 which is today.

All week I have intended to blog about it.  What I said I would do is blog about the 3 type and Walsch’s illusion of Failure, Riso Hudson’s quality of Authenticity and my criteria of Success from the chart.  Instead I had what I suspect is close to a 3 experience this week.  3’s are the work-a-holics, who seek success and recognition and who believe that they are measured, not by who they are, but by what they can accomplish.  Riso-Hudson suggest that once they are able to move into becoming their authentic self then they can move toward growth.  What they need to know is that they cannot fail becuase Failure is an illusion.  They are already successful, no matter what they do.

I psyched myself out this week thinking I had to write a brilliant piece about the type 3 part of the chart and not having the mental capacity or the time to really focus, I was sure I would fail.  So I put it off.  “I will do that later, so I can do a better job.”  “I don’t have enough, time or information to write something worthy of my readers right now.”  That was the thought process, which, I recognize now as an experience that 3’s have all of the time.  3’s seek success and avoid the possibility of failure.  When they are stressed they move to 9 and seek harmony and peace.  Once that is satisfied they can learn the lesson of failure as illusion and become their authentic selves.  The Authentic 3 grows toward the 6 and becomes reliable and committed, able to set aside the fear of failure and JUST DO IT.

That is the advice I would give a 3 who was stuck or immobilized by the fear of failure or success and that is the advice I am taking today.  JUST WRITE IT.    I have also included today a diagram of the PULSE Enneagram to remind everyone how the PULSE Enneagram uses the Red,Yellow, Green Colour codes to indicate the Traids.  Red is the Heart Triad.  Yellow is the Body Triad.  Green is the Head Triad.  3 is the centre of the Red or Heart Triad, the emoters and as a centre they defer feelings.

More to come …


Happy Stampede.  For those who are not familiar with the Enneagram these next few entries will feel like a Stampded of information with words and numbers used in a way that may be like a new dialect.  Words create worlds and the use of the numbers and the descriptors in the Enneagram create and define human nature in an exciting and accessible way.  Understanding even a little about Enneagram allows us to value what we are not.  Accepting that their are other world views is the first step. 

I will continue discussion of the Illusions, Criteria and Qualities from the chart over the next few days more as a means of clarifying my own thinking and also to introduce you to the kinds of understanding of “personality” and then “essence” that Enneagram offers.  Yesterday was focused on the illusion of Judgment, and the Enneagram number 1, motivated by order and standards.  It also talked from a perosnal view the world of 7’s motivated by variety and adventure.

Today is brought to you by the Enneagram number 2.  2’s live in the Heart and in the Past.

Two’s are helpers.  They get their energy from helping others.  They are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to others and they often neglect thier own needs.  They can be hurt or get angry if they are excluded so inclusion is important to them.  A healthy 2 gives understands the illusion of conditionality and nurtures the self as well as others.  Two’s like to be included.  The Illusion that Conditionality exists creates stress for a 2.  A stressed 2 moves to 8 and takes charge.  Once the need for control is satisfied in the 2’s stressed 8 then they become the healthy Helper or 2 giving of themselves, unconditionally.  They can move through the levels of development using the lesson of Self Nuturing to become the “Disinterested Altruist” as identified by Riso and Hudson.  This allows them to move toward their Growth 4, access their creative side, and accept Forgiveness.  This is the 8 – 2 – 4 satellite.

It is difficult to know how much information to put here so I am asking you to comment on this series with your questions so that I can satisfy curiousity … yours and mine.

I spent some time today researching the illusion of judgment and trying to put together something that would make sense around Judgment and acceptance.  Walsch writes about Judgment as an illusion.  He differentiatesbetween judgment and observation and Risoand Hudson talk about acceptance as a form of non judgment.  Observation or just noticing and accepting what we see without judgment is the lesson that ones must learn in order to move away from conflict and toward resolution of relationships with others.

As I thought about that I began to wonder about growth paths and stress paths and recognized for myself that I have to SATISFY my stress ONE before my HEALTHY SEVEN can move to Growth FIVE.  Let me see if I can explain this more clearly.  If I want to get philosophical and academic and begin to write from UNDERSTANDING then I first have to ORDER things.  I need to satisfy the ONENESS before the SEVEN can take on the multitasking that moves things forward and takes me to the GROWTH in Five were UNDERSTANDING is experienced.

Some of you are wondering about this.  If you have not studied or read about Enneagram, this will be confusing.  How can you know about Enneagram?  You can learn like … I did from a book.  There are many titles related to Enneagram, the nine points on a circle graph that represents the study of human systems of personality and personal growth.

Books and learning and the connection is the real topic for today.  I love books.  I like the feel and the smell and the challenge of books.  IN my travels and relocations I have often left things behind but rarely have I parted with books of any kind except to LOAN them to friends which really meant it was time to buy another copy.  I remember in Grade 5 we were all given IQ tests and one of the DEMOGRAPHIC questions at the beginning was “How many books are in your home?”  The choices were interesting.  I chose the MORE THAN 100 answer and wondered for a long time if your IQ was actually measured byt he number of books you had around you. Whether you read them or not didn’t seem to matter.  I guess I am still confused by that question.

I guess that is why writing books is important to me.  I have written and published three.  Not a bad start but there are many more to come.  Today my One was organizing my binders so that my thoughts would be organized and accessible when my Seven slows down and I finally get to my Five and have some detached time to write.  My Seven is happier writing with others and so there are three or four point projects underway.  Soon my Five will be ready to fight for the solitude that will result in productive time.  This is life in the one-seven-five satellite.  I love it.

Which satellite are you in?  Google Enneagram and see what you can learn?  Or order a book.  He who owns the most books wins you know……  (smile)

Well we are back in Firenze which most of you will know as Florence.  We are at the Westin now.  A beautiful hotel on the Arno River.  Great shopping today.  We said goodbye to the gang … sort of… We are all leaving at different times from different places so today was interesting.  We somehow found our way into town and back to the car rental agency.  One couple headed for the airport for a flight to Frankfurt.  One for the train station for a train to Naples and another had breakfast with us at our hotel before catching the train to Pisa.  We are staying in Firenze for two more days.

I must apologize for not posting on Thursday and Friday.  They were busy days.  Thursday was a drive to Montepulciano and Cortonoa where the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed.  Both are beautiful mountain top towns.  Narrow streets and panoramic views abound.  Wonderful little shops too. Friday was a different direction and altogether different landscapes, even more beautiful if that is possible.  We headed in to Brunello country, to Montalcino, another mountain top town with a fort and a church that were again spectacular.  It rained.  We stopped for lunch and as we were leaving someone walked up to me and said “Nancy?  I thought that was you.”  It was Jennifer Polluck, our federal candidate for Calgary West and a good friend.  It was wonderufl and surprising to see here.  The world is soooo small.

Later as the rain continued, we all walked up a road we thought would get us closer to the car.  Purely by accident we happened upon a nice BMW parked int he rain and someone recognized the car as belonging to the young German couple we met from Hamburg and sure enough they were inside the car waiting for the rain to subside!!!

What is interesting to me is that each of the 8 people on this trip would describe to you the details fo the trip in a completely different way with a different emphasis.  We each saw what we were looking for. I was looking for learning and self reflection.  Others were not.  They were experiencing things in a completely different way, seeing opportunities to retire and change lifestyles.  Others saw history “in the flesh”. 

What I did notice about everyone was the difficulty we all had with “Saying what we were Thinking”. It was difficult.  Here we were, 8 friends, none wanting to push themselves on the others, each  to please or to go along with the others.  It reminded me the of the story of going to Lukinba. Five people get in a car and head toward a small town in Texas, only to find out when they get there that each thought the other wanted to go there and that none of them really wanted to go.

It is never easy spending two weeks with 8 other people.  This was easier than most.  We had lots in common and we shared a respect for each other that made any concessions possible and even easy.  It was a great two weeks.  We had more discussions about Enneagrams and the political personalities we all know.  We had a wonderful farewell dinner last night at the restaurant at the top of the neighbouring hill so we could look back at the Rocca in the mist and smile.

So why did I call Firenze a Town with our Pity???  I avoided the shopping when we were here a couple of weeks ago but today I didn’t.  It was great. Jim and I had fun.  Tonight we are staying at a wonderful hotel with heat and a hairdryer and a wonderful view of Florence.  We had none of that at the Rocca.  It was a medieval experience whereas today we are in the lap of luxury.  We had a wonderful meal with a wonderful character who basically asked us and told us what we wanted for each course.  Firenze captures you.  It is captivating.  Tomorrow we go back to the Piazza Michelangelo for our last view of the city before flying back on Monday through Munich and Montreal to home.

Question:  If you use the word “tolerant” to describe yourself does that make you a 1???

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