Five’s on the Enneagram are motivated by detachment. They need time to analyse and process things.  I could use that as my excuse for abandoning the blog for these two weeks.  I was just being Five’ish.  In fact I have been active and distracted as Seven’s tend to be.  My apologies for deserting you.  I am back.

Riso and Hudson talk of the quality of Understanding when they talk about Five’s.  I agree that what is missing for Five’s in conflict is a clear understanding or clarity.  They need to know.  The illusion that Walsch identified that I believe corresponds is the Illusion of Ignorance.  What he says is that Ignorance is an illusion and that we know everything we need to know all of the time.  We know, just as we are.  My theory is that if Fives accept that ignorance is an illusion, and that they know everything they need to know, they will move to their higher quality of understanding and will be conflict free.

I know, therefore I am and I feel … the integration of the Enneagram.  Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta where I will attend the International Enneagram Association Conference.  On Friday I speak to those gathered about structured conversations and Enneagram. I am excited by  the possibilities.  I want people to know that the transition of a life time through the Enneagram growth and stress lines can also happen in one conversation.

Take a Five for example.  A Five may come into a conversation from stress in the Seven, scattered and suggesting unhealthy options.  As they relax they may move to their healthy, detached and analytical Five Observer and be able to identify the missing criteria in the situation.  Then they may move to their growth Eight and take control of the situation and move it forward almost single handedly like a perosn with a cause.

This  transition is one the Five will repeat for his or her life, moving closer each time to a quality of understanding and an acceptance of the illusion of ignorance.

Six tomorrow. I will set both alarms so that I will be sure to be here and get it done….