Four’s are about being different, about differentiating themselves from others.  They get their energy from being unique, special, one of a kind.  I love 4’s.  There are so predictably able to find ways to remove themselves from situations that do not favour their individuality.  The minute you attempt to normalize anything, they will add the drama to their situation that will make it stand out.  Drama and 4 go together. 

So the Illusion of Condemnation is about knowing that condemnation does not exist so being different or out of the ordinary is okay.  Without condemnation their really is no need for forgiveness, which is the quality that Riso and Hudson attribute to 4’s.  So what is missing for a 4 in conflict is forgiveness, both giving and receiving.

Four’s under stress go to 2.  If they can satisfy the stressed two by helping others then they can move into their creative selfs and nourish their unigueness in productive ways, which then leads to the positive side of the 1 on their growth line.  Evolved 4’s embrace order and standards like healthy 1’s.  They forgive others and themselves.

“Later” is a word I have heard 4’s use when they are avoiding something that sounds ordinary.  “I will join you later.” can be translated into “I do not want to be part of this”.  Healthy 4’s are sensitive introverts from the Heart Triad and will protect their own feelings, and will also try to avoid hurting others. Any of you who are 4’s are differentiating yourself from this description.  You avoid categorization or condemnation, which, according to Walsch is an Illusion.

“Later” – that is what this weekend was for me.  You know how you promiss yourself to do things later?  Well I got a lot of those kind of things done this weekend.  It was a later kind of weekend.  Tomorrow had arrived and I took full advantage.  Stampede is over and it is back to reality, to the ordinary everyday abhored by the 4’s among you.