This week is Stampede week in Calgary.  Some of you will know that during stampede people are very social and there are too many events going on to attend them all and it is a flurry … no … a frenzy of activity that is wonderful and tiring.  Last Sunday I sang O Canada three times at different events, which is not something I do alot in the off season.  I see people this week I rarely see otherwise.  Everyone is a friendly, smiling Cowboy.  The city transforms inot a wild west town and there are breakfasts and lunch barbeques and dinners sponsored by companies and shopping centres on every corner.  It is a cowboy Mardi Gras.  The rodeo and the chuck wagon events are at the heart of it all and are well attended every day.  There is so much to do that even a 7 like me, who enjoys the dizzying aray of things to do and see, is worn out by day 7 which is today.

All week I have intended to blog about it.  What I said I would do is blog about the 3 type and Walsch’s illusion of Failure, Riso Hudson’s quality of Authenticity and my criteria of Success from the chart.  Instead I had what I suspect is close to a 3 experience this week.  3’s are the work-a-holics, who seek success and recognition and who believe that they are measured, not by who they are, but by what they can accomplish.  Riso-Hudson suggest that once they are able to move into becoming their authentic self then they can move toward growth.  What they need to know is that they cannot fail becuase Failure is an illusion.  They are already successful, no matter what they do.

I psyched myself out this week thinking I had to write a brilliant piece about the type 3 part of the chart and not having the mental capacity or the time to really focus, I was sure I would fail.  So I put it off.  “I will do that later, so I can do a better job.”  “I don’t have enough, time or information to write something worthy of my readers right now.”  That was the thought process, which, I recognize now as an experience that 3’s have all of the time.  3’s seek success and avoid the possibility of failure.  When they are stressed they move to 9 and seek harmony and peace.  Once that is satisfied they can learn the lesson of failure as illusion and become their authentic selves.  The Authentic 3 grows toward the 6 and becomes reliable and committed, able to set aside the fear of failure and JUST DO IT.

That is the advice I would give a 3 who was stuck or immobilized by the fear of failure or success and that is the advice I am taking today.  JUST WRITE IT.    I have also included today a diagram of the PULSE Enneagram to remind everyone how the PULSE Enneagram uses the Red,Yellow, Green Colour codes to indicate the Traids.  Red is the Heart Triad.  Yellow is the Body Triad.  Green is the Head Triad.  3 is the centre of the Red or Heart Triad, the emoters and as a centre they defer feelings.

More to come …