Happy Stampede.  For those who are not familiar with the Enneagram these next few entries will feel like a Stampded of information with words and numbers used in a way that may be like a new dialect.  Words create worlds and the use of the numbers and the descriptors in the Enneagram create and define human nature in an exciting and accessible way.  Understanding even a little about Enneagram allows us to value what we are not.  Accepting that their are other world views is the first step. 

I will continue discussion of the Illusions, Criteria and Qualities from the chart over the next few days more as a means of clarifying my own thinking and also to introduce you to the kinds of understanding of “personality” and then “essence” that Enneagram offers.  Yesterday was focused on the illusion of Judgment, and the Enneagram number 1, motivated by order and standards.  It also talked from a perosnal view the world of 7’s motivated by variety and adventure.

Today is brought to you by the Enneagram number 2.  2’s live in the Heart and in the Past.

Two’s are helpers.  They get their energy from helping others.  They are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to others and they often neglect thier own needs.  They can be hurt or get angry if they are excluded so inclusion is important to them.  A healthy 2 gives understands the illusion of conditionality and nurtures the self as well as others.  Two’s like to be included.  The Illusion that Conditionality exists creates stress for a 2.  A stressed 2 moves to 8 and takes charge.  Once the need for control is satisfied in the 2’s stressed 8 then they become the healthy Helper or 2 giving of themselves, unconditionally.  They can move through the levels of development using the lesson of Self Nuturing to become the “Disinterested Altruist” as identified by Riso and Hudson.  This allows them to move toward their Growth 4, access their creative side, and accept Forgiveness.  This is the 8 – 2 – 4 satellite.

It is difficult to know how much information to put here so I am asking you to comment on this series with your questions so that I can satisfy curiousity … yours and mine.