The Illlusion from Walsch that Eights need to unveil is the illusion of superiority.  No one is superioe to anyone else – although 8’s are not comfortable unless they are in control becuase no one can do it quite like they can.  As a seven with an eight wing I get that.  Where one’s like to get things right, eights like for everyone to get things right.  The inconsistencies in spelling in grammar in this document for example would be corrected for me by an 8 where as a 1 might judge but not correct.

Yesterday I didn’t have the 7 illusion at my finger tips.  Today I see that it is the illusion of Insufficiency.  7’s need to believe that enough is enough and it is interesting that I am only at this age beginning to understand that.  There is enough of everything in the world.  You have enough.  Knowing that takes them to the  higher quality of gratitude a la Riso and Hudson.  What is cool is that Riso and Hudson are in the same hotel as me.  I will meet them later today and will let you know how grateful I am that I came to Atlanta.  Being grateful as a 7 is not something I express as well as I might and I will work on it today.

The Illusion of Superiority for the 8 is present for 8’s because their own identity is folded into the causes they take on and their path is toward the higher quality of self -surrender.  Even surrendering to the will of a group rather than taking charge is uncomfortable for an 8 and could send them to the 5 stress point where they with draw and watch.  When they are in control they move toward the caring two growth point and look after others.

Today I am surrendering to the day to see what happens next at the IEA conference.  As any 8 would say “Have a good one.” … and they would mean that as a strong suggestion… (smile)