I spent some time today researching the illusion of judgment and trying to put together something that would make sense around Judgment and acceptance.  Walsch writes about Judgment as an illusion.  He differentiatesbetween judgment and observation and Risoand Hudson talk about acceptance as a form of non judgment.  Observation or just noticing and accepting what we see without judgment is the lesson that ones must learn in order to move away from conflict and toward resolution of relationships with others.

As I thought about that I began to wonder about growth paths and stress paths and recognized for myself that I have to SATISFY my stress ONE before my HEALTHY SEVEN can move to Growth FIVE.  Let me see if I can explain this more clearly.  If I want to get philosophical and academic and begin to write from UNDERSTANDING then I first have to ORDER things.  I need to satisfy the ONENESS before the SEVEN can take on the multitasking that moves things forward and takes me to the GROWTH in Five were UNDERSTANDING is experienced.

Some of you are wondering about this.  If you have not studied or read about Enneagram, this will be confusing.  How can you know about Enneagram?  You can learn like … I did from a book.  There are many titles related to Enneagram, the nine points on a circle graph that represents the study of human systems of personality and personal growth.

Books and learning and the connection is the real topic for today.  I love books.  I like the feel and the smell and the challenge of books.  IN my travels and relocations I have often left things behind but rarely have I parted with books of any kind except to LOAN them to friends which really meant it was time to buy another copy.  I remember in Grade 5 we were all given IQ tests and one of the DEMOGRAPHIC questions at the beginning was “How many books are in your home?”  The choices were interesting.  I chose the MORE THAN 100 answer and wondered for a long time if your IQ was actually measured byt he number of books you had around you. Whether you read them or not didn’t seem to matter.  I guess I am still confused by that question.

I guess that is why writing books is important to me.  I have written and published three.  Not a bad start but there are many more to come.  Today my One was organizing my binders so that my thoughts would be organized and accessible when my Seven slows down and I finally get to my Five and have some detached time to write.  My Seven is happier writing with others and so there are three or four point projects underway.  Soon my Five will be ready to fight for the solitude that will result in productive time.  This is life in the one-seven-five satellite.  I love it.

Which satellite are you in?  Google Enneagram and see what you can learn?  Or order a book.  He who owns the most books wins you know……  (smile)