Today is my birthday. I am a seven and I am having an adventure. It is early morning and I am in Dulles Airport. When I left Calgary 12 hours ago I had no intention of coming to Washington Dulles, the very airport that swallowed my luggage in April. I arrived in Denver for in transit for Atlanta yesterday afternoon. The flight was delayed and then cancelled because of mechanical issues with the plane. So I was re booked on the 1155 to Dulles and I arrived here three hours later with little sleep and a three hour wait before my two hour flight to Atlanta. Happy birthday to me (smile).


Airports offer lots of opportunities to people watch especially in the middle of the night. What I notice is that regardless of culture you can identify quickly the differences within families and culltures and you can SEE the BEACHs of origin and who is on the Stress Ferry.


What I also notice is that without sleep people need to eat.


Sevens move toward contentment. I am actually feeling quite content on this the first day of my 56th year. I love my life, my family, my work. They all offer me the acceptance I need to manage the chaos I continue to create. Sometimes my family creates a little chaos for me. They really are thoughtful that way (smile) and I love them for it.


I can’t remember the illusion that sevens need to overcome and I really don’t know how to look for it while I type this email to Marjorie so she can post it. Sevens don’t really care about those kinds of things anyway unless they are bored and it catches their interest.


Sevens need to satisfy their stressed One before they can accept the fun and adventure that motivates them in their healthy place. Variety is important. And a Seven who has satisfied the variety piece can then move to the evolved Five where they become thoughtful and analytical and productive. A need for seclusion arises.  I feel that need myself from time to time. Travel suits me for now and although I am tired I am haapy to be on another adventure to meet new people at the IEA conference.

Thanks for listening. Comments are encouraged so that my neighbour Six knows you are there.