Dr. Nancy Love

Dr. Love is the founder of the PULSE Institute and the author of PULSE Conversations for Change and The Complex PULSE. She is passionate about giving people the courage and confidence they need to make a change in their lives and a difference in the world.

As Executive Coach, a Consultant and Teacher with the PULSE Institute for the past twelve years, Dr. Nancy Love provides her clients with structures and skills for managing social exchanges.  She believes in PULSE as a core competency for leaders or anyone who does their work in conversation.  If you are vicariously responsible for the work of others, she can help with her quick and proven methods.

Nancy came to this work after she was a principal of a high school she affectionately calls “The Crucible”.  Her story of struggle as she overcame resistance from ALL parties to the running of the school is compelling.  She quickly became a student and then a master of how to have difficult conversations, how to help others get along, how to create a shared purpose and process, how to create a peaceful productive workplace for staff in service of the client. Her experiences have led her to a life dedicated to improving the quality of social exchanges in organizations and in the world.


Nancy Love PhD