I love having a place in Canmore and I often consider how wonderful it would be to live in this mountain paradise.  It is a winter wonderland right now.  Fresh snow has covered the mountain peaks and the roads of course.  Skiers are smiling broadly. Motorists … not so much.

While my friends and I were wondering downtown through the shops yesterday I saw two signs that I will remember for a long time.  One said “If you were looking for a SIGN, here it is.”  The other said “You cannot leave where you are until you know where you are going.”  Both are true and thought-provoking … especially if you are considering making a move to a new location.

Canmore has lots to offer.  It is has a large active retirement community.  It has an institute dedicated to studying aging.  It has a new world-class recreational centre.  It is next door to the most magnificent National Park in our country.  It has four and five-star restaurants.  It is an outdoor active place and after a long cold winter it offers a change in attitude toward weather and being out doors.  To learn that you only have to look at the clothing stores in town.  Not much office wear there.  The stores are full of gear for any weather and any outdoor activity.  That is very telling.

People move here because people move here.  They are active and engaged with nature and the community. What would it be like to live here full-time?  Having lived in Grande Cache, another albeit less populated and less famous mountain resort town, I know that life would not necessarily match the utopian image we have for being on permanent vacation in a resort town.  But there is a lot to be said for mountain living.  Hmmmmm…..

In the past we have conducted PULSE programs here that are very well received by the African and American participants in the program.  There may be opportunities to create some interest and attract people to the mountains to contemplate the wisdom of PULSE once again.  Here it is possible to meet needs for every BEACH.  There is experience for the body, inspiration fro the heart and instruction for the head.  A well balanced program that could inspire and instruct through the mountain experience.  It is a perfect place for us to study the SHIFT program together.  We can create a space where we can become SHARP, HAPPY, INDEPENDENT, FIT, TRUSTING people.  SIGN me up.  I have seen the sign. (smile)

It seems as if I have just arrived and it is time once again to pack the car and go.  I will be back soon for my monthly fix of mountain air, and if we can pull it off, we will plan a get together for the PULSE professionals over the summer in this wonderful mountain paradise.  Are you in?