There is this great chandelier in my front hall that catches the light in themorning and sends tiny rainbows through out the house.  It is a special time of day and a wonderful sight for tired eyes.  Rainbows always make me smile.  Being home does too.  There is something bitter sweet about coming home after a great trip. “Bitter/Sweet” – interesting phrase that describes that feeling of relief and comfort that comes at the end of a 24 hour journey and the feeling of nostalgia or longing that has already begun to creep into your psyche as you realize you are home.  Home makes me smile.

So often when I get home it feels like I never really left.  The experience that I was having a day ago is now distant.  Geographically I have moved on.  Temporally I have moved on and in my head remain only the memories to be cherished.  I am confident that we will remember this trip.  My husband, the photographer, took over 700 pictures. He makes me smile.

Because tonight is Tuesday, the Tuesday Crowd will be here at the house.  Our intent is to have the pictures ready to show as a slide show on the TV so they can choose to watch and our memories will be jogged as we tell our tells of Italy.  The word “Italy” has changed for me. I feel warm inside when I say “Italy” now.,  I used to feel awestruck because our first trip there about 6 years ago was brief and filled with masterpieces in Rome and Venice that really demonstrated that enormous creative talent of the Italian people.  Now I feel the warmth of the country side and the people who live there.  It also makes me smile.

Tuesday’s make me smile.  Today a friend of mine will join us.  She lives in Edmonton.  She and I have been friends since Grade 8.  She really is more like a sister.  We have shared our lives even over great distances.  It was here 35th Anniversary yesterday and she and her husband will join us here in Calgary on their way home from a romantic stay in the mountains.  She usually tries to coincide her visits with Tuesdays.  We have so much fun and it is extra special to have Tuesdays with her here.  She makes me smile.

What makes you smile?  What are the little pieces of your life that make the corners of your mouth turn up?  Those are the moments you want to share.  Listen to yourself today and see if you can identify for your self what makes you smile.  Then consider how you might make others smile.

People Using Language Skills Effectively make others smile.  PULSE practitioners and professionals focus attention on the positives, the things that bring relief and comfort …. and smiles so that futures can be brighter.  They choose the positive from the past, contributing to the positive present and creating a positive future.