I am hoping that while we are visiting Italy for the next couple of weeks that I will be as diligent about blogging.  It is a great way to feel as if you are keeping in touch without forcing yourself on people.  A couple of paragraphs a day should be doable.  “SHOULD” – It’s a funny word that people usually use to correct a situation.  We do “should” on ourselves a lot especiallyin tragic times.  “If only we had” …  except and accept that we didn’t.  As humans we also “SHOULD” on others, giving advice even when it is unsolicited.

“Should” is a desctructive word.  It judges.  It is subjunctive and subjective.  It is tentative and I can’t recall one instance where it made me feel better.  I like to leave it out of my vocabulary but when I am under stress or tired or just not thinking … there it is.  “Things should have been different”   The reality is that they weren’t.  The question is not what should happen now or in the future but what will happen next.  Will creates the image of the future more powerfully. Will and Agree to project certainty and the acceptance of responsibility necessary to “Make it so” as Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise would say.

Having said so, I AGREE to write the blog while I am in Italy.  I WILL describe thoughts as seen from a new perspecitive, a new stance describing PULSE from a distance and viewing Italy as a visitor preoccupied with people and language.  Arrivederci – for now.