Sometimes a message comes to you from your past and you wonder if you will ever solve the problem, you set out to solve years ago.  This post from 2014 reminds me that I am still a multiple even though I am very single.  I have even more email addresses than I did then and I have purchased more property.  I have not matured enough to SETTLE DOWN.  And I guess that’s okay for now.  Seven years and the world I have imagined for myself, where things are simpler is still an illusion.

I am stepping away from one adventure and opening up to experience new things.  Many people my age they are looking for new and different things to do with their time and for me it is about focus.  I want to do less.  I want to be known as one person with one identify, an integrated self, with the wisdom that comes with having experienced multiple lives.  I choose happiness and creativity in whatever form makes me smile.

The same plan … integration.

Nouveau Plan October 2014

One of the things that kind of drives me crazy is the number of identities we have these days.  What I mean is that we have multiple email addresses and multiple phone numbers and multiple addresses that we send things to and live in from time to time.  We carry multiple devices and identification cards and have multiple passwords for multiple favourite websites.  We have become multiples.

Do you wake up each morning wondering where you are and who you have to be that day?  Are you asked for a password or a PIN number more than twice a day? Do you feel like you’re being is consumed by the multiple interactions with machinery that guide you through the day?  It is weird, isn’t it? Mind numbing actually.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have just returned from Hawaii and the Aloha spirit is still in my soul.  I have been fighting the multiple aspect of my identity for almost a year now trying to consolidate who I am and what it means to be me.  No easy task.

Is it even possible to have one address, one email address, one credit card, one password and unity of purpose in our day and age? I am struggling. It is especially important as I research happiness. Me and thousands of others have been doing that for a long time. I saw Hector and the Search for happiness in the theater the other day. It’s a great movie with a great message.

Happiness is experiencing all of your emotions and understanding the contrast. Happiness is a choice. Circumstances are not the cause of happiness because different people experience the same circumstance as happy or sad. It is all relative. So, can you be happy in a world that only knows you through machines and numbers and passwords? It seems you can. All you need is one person to know you and love you anyway.

I am still going to work toward a single identity. I am going to find a password that meets ALL the criteria ANYONE has set for passwords and use it. I am going to wean myself to one email address and change the address on my driver’s license to reflect where I live most of the time. I am working on integrating myself and my identities. It is my Plan Nouveau. How else can you be one with the universe if you are not first one with yourself?

Have a great day.