Thirteen years later and I am not sure how I would describe fun.  I enjoy life.  I like to travel and I enjoy working with people in other places or learning about other cultures.  I am playing the piano more since Covid lock downs forced everyone into their own spaces to find things to do.  I spent some time improving my French which was fun and interesting.  What I noticed was that it was very difficult for me to write under the stress of Covid.  It was weird. And of course, travel was out of the question. With restrictions lifting who knows what to expect.  One thing is for sure.  I am writing again and that is FUN.

Holidays will be weird going forward.  I hope to spend some time at the University of the Virgin Islands in the fall and I do plan to be on the Big Islands of Hawaii over the winter.  I do plan to go back to Alberta to celebrate birthdays with my family later this month.  All of that will be fun for sure.  I find myself also really looking forward to my brother and his wife coming to Nova Scotia for a visit soon and my dear friends from the Edmonton Area will be down in August.  Three of the four visitors I am expecting this summer have never been to Nova Scotia.  It will be fun to show them this delightful place and explore things with them that I might not explore on my own.

Maybe fun is just the things that make you smile.  Let’s go with that.

Holidays August 2008

Tomorrow morning, I leave for a week in Hawaii on the big island.  I am taking my computer to do my blog and my golf clubs to complete a couple of rounds and I plan to spend a lot of time doing very little.  I might read a book or sit by the pool or go for a ride in a helicopter.  It will be fun.  I have been searching lately for a definition of fun.  Other people I know have hobbies and pass times that excite them.  I am not sure what mine is.  I travel.  I golf.  I write.  I entertain.  Are those my FUN??

What do you do for fun, to relax??  I am not sure I even know how to turn it off and just have fun.  We’ll see.  We’ll call this research into the experience of fun.  Hmmm. That may make it work and not play or fun.  I will let you know.  Aloha.