This short blog from June 2008 reminds me that there is a loneliness that the internet allows.  WE have all spent so much time on line these past years and yet we do not always feel connected by the waves of information that fill the space around us and are captured and translated into words and images on a screen. Video chats and on-line meetings have actually help me stay connected with family and friends for sure but… What is missing is the human reciprocal caring that is so much better in person. All those years of writing blogs and I know sometimes only my parents and my ex-husband were reading them. I could track the stats.  Now they are not part of the audience so you wonder who will read them now and how will I know?  Thank you to Sharon, Karen, Judy and others who have noticed. I so appreciate hearing from you.

Can You Hear Me Now? June 2008

It is interesting to write blogs into the ether. You don’t really know if anyone at all is reading them or if they are, what they are thinking.  It is the “If a tree falls in the forest question??”  Is there an internet if no one uses it??  Okay… I know that people read this from time to time and my goal is to make it interesting enough that you will come back or suggest a topic or learn something or just smile.

Have you ever noticed how confidence is like a tide?  It seems to ebb and flow.  I am not sure if the moon has anything to do with it but it is an interesting thought.