I have just been reviewing some of the 387 posts on this blog site and I am impressed by my commitment at the beginning, in 2008 to do daily blogs and I love the history of that year that is captured there. I am saddened by the gaps in time where I did not post. Most notably is the time between when my mother passed away and when my dad also left the planet. January 2014 to September 2016. I know that all of you have had those times of grieve and upheaval in your lives. I left my marriage, relocated to St Albert, lost a friend and my daughter’s father-in-law among others, moved into my seventh decade with fear and trepidation … I could go on. Of course, there was the joy and the rewards that came with looking after my dad during that time. There was the joy of watching my children and grandchildren grow and mature. There were lots of occasions for celebration and travel and opportunities to read and study neuroscience and coaching. When I think back, I realize that I was also able to complete a draft of the Mapping book and have a group of trusted colleagues and friends read it for me. The casualty seems to have been the Blog.

My apologies again for not having the stick-to-it-tive-ness to continue.

Life moves on. It is now five years later. Some feeble attempts at reviving the regular posts have mostly fizzled. Another move, back home to Halifax, and a continued involvement with Parks Canada and the University of the Virgin Islands have kept the wheels turning. I am happy that I had those things to distract me from the reality of a global pandemic for the past 18 months. It has been difficult to be away from family and friends and now the shift back to social interaction holds promise that the world can come out of the fear that has gripped us. I look forward to sharing happy insights and adventures with you again. With the support of others, the Blog can be brought back to life again. Kassidy Kelly, one of my lovely and talented granddaughters, suggested that I republish the blogs from years ago. Since she is a social media specialist and very smart, I will definitely take her advice. Watch for the older blog posts to reappear with an updated introduction from me. There are almost four hundred posts. I have enjoyed reviewing them and I hope you enjoy rereading them as well.

For many of you it will likely be the first time you have seen these posts. The Posts began in 2008. Thirteen years of observations through the lens of the PULSE Frame. The travel posts are among my favourites and it is my hope that as restrictions lift, I will be able to travel again and post from faraway places. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions for which posts might be re-publishable and relevant to today’s audiences.

Please be careful out there. Coming out of fear is never easy and we have all been asked to stay away from others for our own safety. Asking people to flip the fear switch overnight is going to have fall out. Come back into the changing world at your own pace, on your own terms. TAKE GOOD CARE and welcome back.