People call it the year that wasn’t. Most are hoping we get a do over. It has been tough. Rereading my January 2020 post helped me realize just how much disappointment this year has brought … to everyone. This is the year that was. Tomorrow it will be gone but the effects will linger for sure. I am cautiously optimistic although I am very aware that the fallout from this bad news year on the planet and in each of our lives will undoubtedly linger. Hope resides in the plans we make, in the image we create for more and better. Parts of my plan from last year came to fruition and some I abandoned. I am not really sure why except that I couldn’t figure out a way forward with those plans in our ‘new reality.’ Today I am in St Albert reviewing this 2020 phenomenon and its impact. I spent 7 months in Halifax and the last 3 here. Those 10 months have felt like a decade for me. There have been wonderful connections with friends and family in both places. My golf game and my piano playing have improved. Tomorrow is another day, another year with a new title – 2021. As John Lennon would say “Let’s hope it’s a good one …”