Most of you will know that my first name is Charlotte and get the reference in the title. On line, on the WEB, I usually know my way around but now that we are all spending more time and using the WEB to make purchases we used to make in person, it is becoming more of a tangled WEB.

More and more I find myself on-line, lost and confused. I find myself looking for signposts or directions to find my way back to a familiar place so that I can regroup, recalculate and find my way to the place where I can do what I had expected to do… post a blog.

It is complicated. Life is complicated but there are so many rabbit holes and detours and winding roads that come to dead ends on the internet that the webness of it, once a positive connector, serves only to confuse when you are tangled in it.

I need to stick to the beaten paths and stay away from anything unfamiliar. Confusion leads to horrible mistakes and you end up in scary places without a pasport or a way out.

I think I have finally found a way back to all of you, a way to post. Merry Christmas everyone. This new year is likely the most anticipated one in our life times. See you there.