Sitting at home on a windy Labour Day with thoughts and ideas flying by I thought I would try to catch a few and see where they take me.

Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were glorious occasions for me this weekend. Both involved friends, music, and people watching, three of my favourite things. Saturday night music was a concert at a local hangout with Brian Maxwell, my new favourite Cape Brettoner and guitar player. Along with his friend Steve and his lovely wife Laura Despres, they provided a wonderful evening of song and story Capped off by a rousing version of “Farwell to Nova Scotia.” Sunday afternoon was a stark contrast of musical performance when the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra delighted the crowds under the skies in a beautiful park setting. I am so lucky and so grateful for both of these opportunities.

Earlier in the week, I was traveling in Southern Alberta and had an opportunity to reconnect with people I had not seen in about 15 years. During the time that I had served as an instructor at the U of L Summer Leadership Academy, I had an added advantage of getting to know not only Carol Steen but many of her friends as well. Meeting up with them again for five o’clock Friday drinks was such a delightful trip into a shared past and a hopeful future.

Then back through Calgary where I was able to catch up with family … a dear cousin visiting from Ontario and her daughters, both transplanted from the east, one visiting from Saskatchewan, and the other living in Calgary, each successful and happy in their own way. It was a happy reunion all too rare when families are spread across the country the way ours is. I am fortunate to have Sue’s daughter, Amanda and my cousin, Dawn, and my brother and his family in Calgary and I do get to see them from time to time and I, of course, have my own daughters and their families here with me in the Edmonton area. Sometimes it seems that it is the ‘distance’ that creates distant cousins and it can be work to keep those ties strong. It is always worth the effort.

Reconnecting with relatives and friends and colleagues in Calgary was great and I always look forward to that. Back home and moving quickly into a fall with piano lessons that start tomorrow and dancing and curling to look forward later in the month, a new book club and a trainer that I get to work with twice a week I will be wonderfully occupied. AND did I mention I had an opportunity to talk to an agent about the BOOK? If any of you are interested in reading the first 10,000 words of Version 2 of the manuscript please let me know. I will send you the file for your feedback.

So it is a ‘capture and release’ day because the thoughts and ideas are scattered like the clouds. I can hold on to one for a few moments before the others grab my attention and send me chasing their tail … or my own.

Lots of LOVE.