When you hear the letters CPR you most likely associate them with Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation, the lifesaving procedure that is done when someone’s breathing or heartbeat is stopped. The heart and lungs are made to work by compressing the chest and forcing air into the lungs.  CPR is used to maintain circulation when the heart has stopped pumping on its own.

I watched a team of medical professionals perform CPR on my mother in the hospital after she coded last year.  It was not pretty and although they tried for more than 20 minutes to revive her she was gone.  I knew she was.  In many cases where hearts are younger and stronger than hers CPR can be successful at resuscitating the patient … bringing them back to life.  It is miracle work really.

With PULSE we use the acronym to represent Content, Process and Response, the three aspects of conversation.  Content is what we are thinking about.  Process is what we are doing.  Responses is how we are feeling.  Keeping all three balls in the air is complicated in conflict resolution and absolutely necessary if the relationship is to be saved and given new life.

This week, The University of the Virgin Islands revived PULSE. To me it feels like another chance at life for all of the PULSE professionals out there who still use the tried and true skills associated with PULSE conversations for change.  We have been resuscitated.  This new life could be even more exciting and invigorating than we could have imagined.  The Content will be enriched. The Processes revitalized.  The Response felt more deeply.

Affiliated with the Institute for Leadership and organizational Effectiveness at the University of the Virgin Islands, UVI PULSE has a second chance to make good on its promises to change the world one conversation at a time and one conversation after another.  Like many people who are resuscitated, we will look at life differently.  We will see the opportunities and seize them with new energy.  We will be Sharp and Happy and Independent and Fit and Trusting in ways we may not have been before, grateful to be alive and optimistic as never before.

Exciting times for UVI PULSE and for you as the opportunities to learn and work together continue.

Thank you.