Yesterday I attended ANOTHER Dance competition.  I have lost track of how many my two daughters and my two granddaughters and I have danced at this year.  You kind of lose track of time.  Another theatre, another group of dancers and parents, another adjudication, more medals.  At this point it is all a blurr.  Dont get me wrong.  I LOVE watching the girls perform, but we are all tired right now and its almost over.

You know you are tired when it is Monday and as your daughter tries to figure out the quickest way to get to the festival from work on time the next day you chime in with “Well there might be more trafiic tomorrow.  It is Friday.”  Blank looks. Then “Mum… tomorrow is Tuesday!” I had to think.  Then smiles turned into belly laughs and then uncontrollable giggles for the rest of the evening.  Every time she looked at me in the car on the drive home we laughed out loud.  It was comical because the other lady in the conversation thought about it too.  You could see her thinking “Is tomorrow Friday?” but she didn’t say anything to correct me.

I guess we will add this event to the family lore.  The ‘times that Mum made us laugh’ file has a new entry.  Not to worry.  The list is long but so is everyone elses.  Glad I could contribute.  AND glad I found out what day it was.  I might have missed my Tuesday Yoga class.

Have a day full of laughter….