Twenty Five years ago I was teaching at Sturgeon Composite High. I taught French and Social Studies. My daughter Julia was one of my students so I came to know the class of 1990 as a teacher and as a parent. I can hardly believe that those teenagers are now in their forties.

Next month at the Celtic Knot here in St Albert they are having a get-together to mark the 25th Anniversary. If you were a teacher at Sturgeon Comp in 1990 you are also invited to attend on Friday, June the 12th at 6:00 pm for appetizers and cocktails. It should be a great time. They were wonderful children… a little on the wild side … who have turned in to great parents and people.

It is also a great excuse to reconnect with the staff. We were wild and crazy then too. We were so good at air band and other activities that made fools of ourselves and we had fun. Many of those people are still teaching at the comp and many have gone. If you know anyone who taught this class please let them know so we can visit with the students and get our own table together to catch up with each other. Spread the Word.

Let me know if you plan on coming. or just stop in. It will be great to see you.