It seems strange to see snow today.  It is April and it is supposed to be spring but here we are wondering why the snow is falling again.  “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter” as Paul McCartney might say … “It seems like years since its been here.”

I welcome snow in the winter.  It provides the base for a lot of wonderful outdoor activites.  Right now though, it is just interfering with the opportunities to get outside and do SPRING things.  It does not hold the same promise as it does earlier in the year.  The shoulder season as some refer to it, weakens the snow and ice cover we do have with warm sunny days and fools us with a fresh fall of snow to draw us to the moutains for spring skiing known best for icy, often treacherous conditions or to the lake to skate on thinning ice.

It is a dangerous time of year.  Ice covered sidewalks and roads, unpredictable conditions on a daily basis, below “normal” temperatures.  

Sir Paul adds “Here comes the sun.  Here comes the sun.  It’s alright.”  I hope he is right.

We are all waiting, Mother Nature, for renewal and recreation.  Bring on the rains and the green. Bring on the warm sunny days and the flowers that are already blooming in other parts of the world.  Have you fogotten us? Please let the evidence of a glorious spring day arrive soon.

From St Albert….