I have always said that it is important to fall in love every spring.  I still believe that even though this year it may not be true for me.  The spring brings out the best in us … the part we like to share with others.  It signals a new start for all of those living things that have been hibernating and hiding over the winter … including people.

Falling in love is different from loving.  Loving is important.  It helps us maintain our emotional health. It keeps us even and happy on the SHIFT scale.  We value our loving relationships with friends and family for sure.  Being in love or falling there is different.  We kind of loose control with this ache to be with and for someone outside of ourselves … someone who completes us or compliments us or provides us with that sense of significance just with a look.  It is always best when that someone is also feeling that way about you. When it is the same person as you fell in love with last year or for the past 60 years that is so special.

I have been watching schmaltzy romances about older people lately which is probably where this is coming from.  One in particular attracted my attention.  It’s a British TV show called “Last Tango in Halifax.”  Halifax, England of course not my Halifax, Nova Scotia but it was the name than caught my interest.  It’s a great story about high school sweethearts reunited.  I like possibility stories … especially in spring because it is the season of possibilities.

Here’s hoping you have a great spring filled with love and affection from those you love and those you are in love with again this year.