“Nothing really …”  is what you often get from people you haven’t seen for a while when you ask them what they have been up to….  Once they start to talk you realize of course that they have been up to LOTS of different things.  They have been dealing with family and friends and working at their careers.  They have spent many days changing their corner of the world but still answer with “Nothing really…” when you ask.

People are weird.  I have said that often.  I love that about people.  Even though they have been on the planet for a while, they still aren’t great communicators and definitely the ones I know are not into self promotion or refecting on their own impact.

HUMBLE.  That is what they are.  Great change happens in small steps and everyone I meet is involved in the great changes that are happening all around them.  Congratulations on making a difference in the world.  Take some credit when you can.  It boost your ego and your reputation as someone who cares and helps when they can.

Take good care today.