By now some of you will be able to tell that the SHARP as a Marble post was a repeat of the Making a SHIFT.  I was testing out the new website  It is live and it is undergoing some adjustments as I figure out how to keep all of you informed and interested and move to the new site without disruption.  The SHARP as a Marble was a test. And it proofed that I am not as SHARP today as I need to be to enter into the underground, mystifying world of the connected, interconnected “inter-web”

I have somehow acquired two Facebook pages, three twitter accounts and have connected the linked in account to both blog pages.  Once all of them are coming from the same source and only once we can make this work seamlessly. For know it’s a little rough.

On the PULSE website we had a newsletter list that we wanted to integrate as well because the PULSE site was going into mothballs.  I will be able to send newsletters from the site to the loyal PULSE followers around the world. So the plan was based on my retiring and becoming a writer.

Plans change….  as you have heard me say  …. they are just something to base change on.

More on that later….