I am sure you are all familiar with the excitement and frustration associated with setting up a new computer. For me it is always a test of my patience and my translation skills. You need to be able to speak the language of the program you are working with if you hope to successfully bring the new computer to a place where you are comfortable working with it.

You have to be Gentle and Honest, especially when you are asking for help. You have to be Open to new ways to doing things and new language for old processes and more steps to achieve the same outcomes. You have to get past the advertising websites to the REAL ones, the Specific ones for downloads and you have to patiently wait for your changes to “populate” something or other so you can get to the next step. And you must keep Talking to get where you need to be and accomplish your mutual goals.( GHOST )

I love what computers do FOR us. I am not as fond of what they have done TO us. My head hurts when I am trying to figure out why a program won’t do what I am asking. I deauthorized two other computers so that I could authorize the new one on itunes. The message I get every time I try to authorize is that I have five authorized machine and I need to deauthorize one. I did that. My account says ” You have three authorized machines.” What am I missing? I really hate those logic loops that you can’t get out of or past.

And then the minute I get the new machine operational, my iPad freezes and needs to be restored. URRGGHHH.

Days like yesterday are frustrating but I like to balance that with remembering how difficult it used to be for the world to receive messages like this from me. Thank you for teaching me persistence and patience and peculiar ways to think about things. Thank you for teaching me a new language and making it possible for me to share my thoughts with others.

I do love my new computer. I am going to call her Constance. I know we will have a long and mutually beneficial relationship. I have friends with that name who are reliable and hard working and that is what I want from my new Constance. In return I will take good care not to over load or treat her in anyway that might lead to break down of any kind.

Cheers to Constance and a new lease on communication and conversation with the world.