So today we changed locations, moving back to the south end of Kona where the girls and I were last summer. It is nice here. We overlook the pool and have a beautiful room.

The sunset tonight was spectacular again. There were whales breaching in the foreground as the crimson ball sank into the crystal blue water. Heaven.

A couple of days ago we went to Hapuna Beach. It is a popular beach on the big Island in a state park on the west coast. It is a gorgeous stretch of sand like Waikiki and this time of year the waves a big. They reminded me of the waves we were all jumping last year in Hanalei.

To get to the beach we took the long way that ended in a lava cliff. We decided to climb down. It didn’t look that bad except that we were wearing flip flops. Donna went first and I was handing here down the chairs and towels when a tall, gray haired man stopped to help us.

He offered me his hand to help me down from my precarious perch. I wasn’t sure how to take the next step. I asked him what would be easier. Should I jump? Should I sit down first. He didn’t answer. He just kept holding out his hand and smiling.

I grabbed his right thumb with my right hand. It was the biggest gentlest hand I had ever held on to. He guided me to the next rock and then to the sandy beach. I thanked him profusely and he smiled and walked away. I saw him sit on the sand and look out at the ocean. He was definitely the strong silent type.

Donna and I assessed where we were and set down our chairs and blankets when I looked back he was gone. He was Hawaiian. I have seen statues of King Kamehameha III and that guy looked like him. I was glad that Donna had seen him too because I was beginning to wonder whether I had imagined the whole thing. His quiet strength was impressive and gentle and I wish I had learned more about him before he disappeared.

Thanks again to the friendly giant on the beach … where ever you are.