In one hour it will be 2015. Happy New Years everyone.

There is a song on the radio these days that has a line I love…”Every new beginning was an old beginning’s end.”

Here’s to new beginnings, to new places and people to get to know and here’s to ends as well. Endings are difficult. Although we sometimes say ” I thought it would never end!” or “Is it over yet?” we all know that the end of something signals sadness, regret perhaps as well as possible celebration. It signals the beginning of something else. Change is what happenings while you are waiting.

I can’t even really write about 2014. It was difficult for me. There was sadness and some regret. Starting over can be exciting I guess but it is never easy. Will 2015 be better? I certainly hope so. I hope to spend more time with family … starting tomorrow. I hope to complete some projects that got set aside in 2014. I hope to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. I hope to travel and visit new places and familiar ones. I hope to balance alone time with together time and spend most of my time Happy, Healthy, Grounded, Positive and enjoying life.

I wish the same for you … a year to remember. May you have endings and beginnings that are well timed and that work for you. May your dreams come true and your life be good, beautiful and truthful.