I had lunch with a friend yesterday and as I described how life is for me right now she said “It’s like you are on “pause.” It was an interesting thought. Not stuck or hung in limbo but on pause. I like how that sounds. It explains things well. I find myself waiting for other people to do things that will allow me to move forward.

Have you ever been in that situation? Have you ever been waiting for your lap top to come back from repair and the lamp shades you ordered to be brought into the local store because the movers lost the first ones and the furniture store to have time to take your brand new dining room set back to change out the pedestal and fix the one damaged chair. These are the minor inconveniences. It just seems like everything I try to do needs some stars somewhere else to line up first.

I AM on PAUSE. Every now and then I get to take a step forward, sometimes even two but then another someone somewhere has to get the address corrected or the password sorted out or … AND if I don’t stay on top of things as I wait I run the risk of being forgotten or pushed to the back of an imaginary line of people waiting for services from the same people I need to do their one little piece of something so that my life can go on.

I know I am not alone. Many of you experience the hurry up and wait of modern life. WE make lists … not of what we need to do but of what we need to follow up on.

Be Patient on Pause. That will have to be my motto for now. I can hardly wait to press RESUME and get back in the game. Until then …. (sigh)