Tomorrow morning at 10:00 am MST I will be hosting a webinar on adobe connect to commemorate the passing of PULSE. I have had wonderful notes from many people expressing their gratitude for the learnings shared through PULSE and some of indicated that they will work toward attending the webinar. It would be quite a testament to have people from around the world say a few words over the body of PULSE.

I will do the eulogy. I will talk about the beginnings of an idea for a training and development company, the opportunity to work with MTI, the travels and exploits, the growing number of professionals armed with the tools of conversation and the eventual fade of a once strong PULSE as time and circumstance took its toal. In recent years there was a renewal of sorts and we thought the patient had a chance at regaining its strength and vigor but unfortunately that burst of energy was short lived.

I hope you can come to say goodbye.

Thursday, December 4th at 10:00 am.