Gentle, honest, open, specific talk. This is the protocol that I use when speaking to others. It is also the protocol for successful conversations and sustainable outcomes that I have taught to more than 1000 people over the years some of whom have taught others and so on and so on.

It goes like this: Speak Gently so that others can keep listening and can hear what you have to say. Speak Honestly so that others can hear your truth. Without honesty no agreement or decision is sustainable because you are not psychologically prepared to move on, to let go of the past. Speak openly, say what you are thinking. Holding back your thoughts can be dangerous and is disrespectful of the other persons ability to hear it and respond. Speak specifically. Solve one issue at a time and give examples for clarity. Strip away the qualifiers and share the specifics of the issue at hand. Talk and keep talking until you have a resolution. No problem is truly solved in your own head. No conversation equals no solution.

There is a protocol of POWER listening and another for the gift of listening with HEART as well and a conversation map, PULSE for navigating difficult conversations.

These are pieces of the PULSE puzzle which I hope will endure, the legacy that PULSE leaves behind, the intellectual property developed and shared since 2002 when PULSE began. GHOST, HEART, POWER and PULSE – the aids to daily conversation that have proved again and again the power of deliberateness and intention in our relationship with others. I have used all of these skills in very personal ways over the last year to manage difficult conversations of my own.

After more than a year of trying to revive The PULSE Institute I have decided to let it go … to pull the plug and let it die a natural death. You will notice it weaken and fade into the background over the next few months. The final newsletter will be published this weekend and the final webinar will be broadcast next Thursday the 4th of December.

As for me …. well, although I will be mourning another loss in my life, I remain alive and kicking.