I am back in Saint Albert where I live on St Joseph Street and work on St Thomas Street and where on Sunday the down town restaurants and business are still closed. Those who don’t live downtown might not notice and I guess until there are more people who do, things won’t really change.

I also spend time at Lac Saint Ann which is a lake with a religious and spiritual history of healing. Saints are everywhere in the place names where I spend time.

In Barbados it was the same. Most of the Anglican parishes are named for Saints. Saint Andrew, Saint Michael, Saint Lucie, Saint Paul, Saint John, Saint Phillip to name a few. Saint Thomas and Saint Joseph were also there.

Those people got around. I hadn’t thought much about it before but when the contrast between Barbados and Alberta are so stark and yet the names of the places are the same that tells us something about the long arm of European civilization as it colonized the rest of the world.

Light thoughts this morning.(smile) It is good to be home.