Back to Canada and half way home. We are at the airport, the Toronto Pearson. I have memories here. A seven hour wait for weather to clear on the way to Nova Scotia. A full out run to catch a flight to Paris and another for New York. A quiet beer on a layover to or from anywhere. AND a memorable encounter with a TSA guy who withdrew my request for my annual renewal of my TN1 because my degree was in Philosophy not business. But that is another story … one many of you know already.

I also like Pearson airport because it reminds me of the man… Lester B. I was very young when he was prime minister. I lived in Ottawa then and I remember how proud I was to be a Canadian. Good things were happening in Government. Our reputation around the world as peace keepers was solid. Those years were golden for Canada.

It has been difficult to watch the dismantling of that Canada, the Canada of Mike Pearson, under this Harper Government. It makes me sad. I am anxiously awaiting Mel Hurtig’s new book not because it is good news but because it may actually wake people up to the true dismantling of our reputation in the world and our country at home.

I also read a novel called “24 Sussex Drive” that portrayed a diabolic PM who was being handled by what I call the right wing world mafia. In the book he manipulates the Governor General and the people of Canada in evil despicable ways that even those of us who have been involved can only begin to imagine.

Am I getting old? Have “the good old days” arrived for me? I am sure the world before mass media and mass transportation had its limitations and reminiscing about simpler times might be a function of having spend 10 days at sea. It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.

Thanks for the pride and the memories Mike.