Today was a perfect day. The weather cooperated and we were on the beach at Mayreau for the champagne and caviar splash. Pictures to follow. The water was warm and soothing. We swam to the float which at first glance I deemed to be well beyond a distance that matched my capabilities as a swimmer. Three of us headed off with our noodles and quite easily reached our destination. Then we climbed a moving ladder to get aboard the trampoline like contraption. Someone had promised us champagne if we actually made it but our cries for recognition and more champagne were met with waves of acknowledgement and cameras taking our picture.

Then two more brave souls took the plunge and this after a few glasses of champagne and a fabulous lunch buffet that seemed to appear out of no where. Everyone was in the water and then everyone was at lunch all the while enjoying the sounds of the steel drum band.

As we played like children I noticed that one of our trusty noodles had taken flight and was heading toward the ship and beyond. It showed us the strength of the current beyond where we were on the float. We let it go and then shared the two noodles among the three of us for the float back to shore. It was a great adventure which really taught me that going beyond your perceived limitations can be invigorating and good for your self confidence. I enjoyed the challenge and the successful completion of it.

Tomorrow we leave friends and new acquaintances to return to our individual lives but we take with us the memories of good times and good people.

Thank you hardly does it but there it is….. Thank you Sea Dream.