Tomorrow we dock in Barbados again. Today we visit another small uninhabited island with a gorgeous beach. Three mornings in a row we have anchored off small islands. In fact yesterday we could see the island that Jack Sparrow spent time on in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. We couldn’t find the right tree to pace odd where we might find his stash of rum but then we had a ship full of such provisions so we survived. The little island we visited was delightful complete with locals grilling lobsters and just the right amount of ‘souvenirs’ for sale.

The staff is wonderful aboard ship. I asked for a Caesar which is the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. For two days there was no Clamatoe juice to be found but it miraculously appeared and I have had a Caesar before dinner ever since. Make your wishes known and they bend over backwards to accommodate. It is impressive.

Last night after a tasting menu that included Chateaubriand, Foie Gras and Kaluha soufflé, we were entertained by one f the stewardesses as she sang Barbara Streisand for us. Then some of the talented guests also entertained us with their renditions of some great and memorable songs. Mandy of the guests were also on the Crossing that the ship made from Spain just before we boarded in Barbados and so they have become good friends with each other and the staff. It is a small ship with lots of opportunity to get to know each other.

Today we do the Champagne splash. At this next beach island we will be served champagne and caviar from a surf board in the ocean. It is a bright sunny day with a little cloud forming on the horizon. Most mornings have been like this.

I like to sit on the top deck in the morning with coffee and journal or just think as I watch the ship pull into the next place. It is peaceful and glorious. the staff is swabbing the deck and setting tables for breakfast. I take my cup of coffee and sit with the sea breezes on my face and in my hair and soak up as much sunshine as I can store. I’m thinking about installing solar panels so that I can release the extra energy at a later date like mid December in Edmonton when we have five hours of day light.

I will be sad to leave tomorrow never really knowing when or if I might have another opportunity like this to spend time on Sea Dream. I am so grateful to have this dream to call on when I need to know that the world is right when there is only sea and sun and sand.

Thanks for listening….