Friendly, fresh and French. Warm sea, lush mountains and beautiful beaches. We had a walk down the beach, beers with the locals and did some shopping.

I loved the opportunity to speak French.

Yesterday was our first day aboard ship and it was great. Sea Dream 1 is a replica of Sea Dream 11 or the other way around. The ship was familiar although the crew was not. We enjoyed a welcome aboard drink of champagne, cocktails and then dinner in the dining room after our sail away. I love that part where you leave the port to sail to the next. The overnight sail reminded me of the dark and stormy nights of poetry from a long time ago. It was stormy and rough.

This morning as people got into the water to swim off the back of the boat the surface current had taken some relatively strong swimmers away from the boat. The zodiac had to go and get them. It was a little tense because meanwhile some others had left and swam the other direction and also had to be helped back to the boat. I am sure the zodiac driver was stressed although the swimmers I talked to after didn’t seem to be too bothered. They were experienced and knew to stay calm and wait for help.

Tonight we have been invited to dine with the ship’s doctor. It should be fun. I bought a new fancy dress for the occassion. Talk to you tomorrow.