Today is a day to give thanks. Thanks Giving is a verb and the cool thing about it is if you give you often get back in return. Reciprocity is one of my favourite words. We get back what we give. Sometimes we think we are getting stuff we don’t want from others because they are mean or rude or something else less than pleasant but often we have treated them or someone else like that. What goes around comes around as they say. Although we may have inadvertently taken rather than given in a conversation or a social exchange and we may not have intentionally cut someone off when they were speaking, or allowed our thoughts to wander instead of listening to someone else’s story, that kind of behaviour gets returned to us just as surely as gratitude comes back to us when we give it away.

Today is a reminder to think about how we treat others, who we might be taking for granted and to also notice who thanks you for being a part of their life and how you may have earned that thanks. Get into the act of thanks giving and you will be amazed what comes back to you. Give the gift of listening. Offer a space to be heard. Provide a shoulder to cry on or an ear to be bent. It’s always worth the time it takes for you and for them. Give thanks for the opportunity to be there for someone. Who knows … one day you may need the reciprocal services you provide today.

Smile and listen deeply. There are no better gifts.