I have been blogging now for six years. That is hard to believe. I do want to apologize for the inconsistent nature in the timing. Like most people I resolve to blog once a week but ….

I find the ideas come in waves and when I am riding one I can blog. When I am not it is better to keep my thoughts in a journal.

I have to admit that it has been a difficult 6 months for me. I lost my mum and I still have waves of sadness every day. And somehow I feel as if I have lost myself. I am relocating to St Albert on a more permanent bases and I have purchased a Lake Property near the shores of Lac St Anne. Here, further north, I am surrounded by close friends and family and I feel very grateful everyday to be a part of their lives. I missed a lot in the years I was away. Four years in Grande Cache and fifteen in Calgary is a long time. I did visit often but it is not the same as living here amongst them.

Establishing a routine when you have basically been a gypsy for so many years has its own challenges. I miss my Calgary people for sure and I do hope they understand my need to be here. The upheavals of moving again and losing a loved one AND turning 60 have taken their toll . What a year!
So who do I want to be when I grow up? That is a question I have been asking and answering for a lot of years. The answer is always author.

Here I go giving that one more try. Looking for a publisher and an agent. Two great books in the works. One is “Mapping the Space Between us” non fiction sociology based. The other is a novel set in 2025. It is a quest for meaning with a technological whimsy that can only happen in speculative fiction. It is entitled the Dylan Story. It will be the first in a series of “Love stories”. It is not really a love story. It is just a story written by Love.

Have a great day and thanks for your continued support these last six years.
Thoughts and comments always welcome…..