One of my favourite t-shirts has this saying on it… Love with no regrets.  I am wearing it today as a label.  That is who I am…. Love, Nancy Love … with no regrets.  I need to wear it from time to time to keep in touch with that part  of me that lives in the here and now.

Regrets like worry are a waste of time.  That was then.  This is now. Let it go.

I remember wearing this shirt in Hawaii and having a half a dozen people read it and give me a smile or a high-five or a “Nice t-shirt!”  It is a good sentiment.  I am not sure that everyone attaches the same meaning to it as I do.  For me means that  I don’t want to have regrets at the end of the day or week or month or year or at the end of my days.  I want to be able to look myself in the eye and say I did what I came to do.

I have loved deeply.  I have contributed two wonderful daughters to the world.  I have made a change and a difference in many people’s lives for the good with PULSE.  That’s cool.  And I get to continue doing that.  How lucky am I?

Sometimes I get down on myself for not producing … not finishing the books that I am writing and not completing things.  There is so much in my head that there seems to be wrestling match going on to see what will get out first. Setting priorities and schedules and sticking to them is a great plan.  Sometimes a plan is just something to base change on.

What I need right now is forgiveness … not regret.  ” Okay, Dr. Love.  You are behind on your promises.  What are you going to do now to make those right?”  I have to be gentle and honest with myself today and work my way through the pile so I can meet the expectations of others and myself.  My expectation is of course that I meet others’ expectations and I can.  Timeliness is key.

What takes you away from the LISTS?  When I really think about it for me it is only family and a new obligation to myself and my fitness … ZUMBA.  I know that the time that I spend exercising will pay off in great dividends of energy in the end.  It is right now a time management issue.  No regrets, though because it is time well spent.

Love … with no regrets!!!