PULSE is a stance.  When we say someone is PULSEIFIED we mean that they can hold a space for others to make decisions in, that they know how to be gentle AND honest and that they can guide a conversation through the emotion of the past through the significance in the present to the possibilities for the future.  PULSE professionals can open the field of the future to include more options and opportunities than otherwise were possible.  I love the appreciative stance and how it frees people to think creatively and to let go of the old stories they have built and held on to without much evidence for or against their version of things.

We are starting our first on-line training soon.  I am excited by the possibilities that it opens for us in the field of our future.  Here is another opportunity for people to learn how to manage social exchanges in a peaceful, productive way.   More relationships can be improved and the quality of decisions can increase as more people gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge for managing the space between us.  they will gain the courage to make a difference and the confidence to make a difference at their desks, using  their own computers.  Look at us using technology to teach about social exchanges that include digital encounters of the PULSE kind.

Lots of reasons to smile today….