This week I have learned many lessons at my computer.  Nothing has been simple.  Each time I try to accomplish something some electronic process escapes me and I do not accomplish what I set out to do.  I had a list on Monday and that list had NOTHING checked off.  Each thing had to be redone and sometimes twice.  For example… I recorded a video on my iPad for the upcoming on-line offering of the PULSE Concepts course.  It looked great and although it was a little long, I was pleased with the results.  It was too long to post on You tube and too long to send by email so on Tuesday I finally realized that I could plug my iPad into my computer and move the file that way.  YAY… except when it converted to Quick Time it showed up side down.  That is the kind of week I have had.

I kind of feel upside down.  Maybe there is a lesson in that.  8 hours of time change can mess with your mind and your body.  Sleep patterns off and likely reasoning off kilter as well.  Little success until today when things finally began to fall into place. I made mistakes on my banking system and on my email.  I screwed up three of the four projects I am working on and the other one I made no progress on because it is still sitting in the bag by the door. I couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures from the camera smart card to the shared folder I created to share with friends.  I couldn’t figure out how to send American money to someone who paid for our tours in Rome.  I couldn’t get a parcel delivered from FedEx because when they came while I was a way they couldn’t find the office.  The email ad etc for one of my books STILL had the same mistake it had before I left on holidays. And working with a new on-line platform means reformatting everything for a course that starts on-line NEXT WEEK.  YIKES

Confusion reigns.  New operating systems and re-installs etc took up a great deal of time.  No internet access for a stretch on Monday just added to the urgency on Tuesday.  SO… I did manage to submit a proposal and begin to work on a review contract and move the novel forward a little.  What I did learn is I like working out of the office here in St Albert.  There is a nice rhythm life here.  I can hide in my office and work all day through the frustrations and then spend time with family and friends in the evenings.  With the apartment just one block away it is super convenient. And I seem to have time for all three pieces of my theme for the year, Focus, Finances and Fitness.  With my trusty bike I can hit the trails along the river or just walk over to see mum and dad.

Already Monte Carlo and Rome seem far away in space and in time even though it was one short week ago that I was there.

Random thoughts about what to accomplish this winter are filling my head.  How do I get more people to read my blog, take the concepts course, sign up for coaching???  it’s going to be a great fall and winter and I am going to learn even more about computers AND how to calm myself when things don’t go right, how to retrace and find the error and how to forgive myself for all the inattentive, bumbling that I have been involved with this week.

Cheers.. Did you see the premier of BIG BANG THEORY??

BTW – If you would like to try the online Concepts course with me just email me and I will send the details.