I love listening to old songs.  It is so easy to see where my values came from when I listen to the songs I grew up with.  The  other day I heard this line … ”you know I need relating not solitude”.  I feel that way.  I spend a lot of time alone. Writers do … especially when they are writing two books like I am supposed to be doing right now.  Too much alone time makes you protective of that time.  I get to a point where I resent intrusion and even feeling hungry is annoying because I have to stop and find something to eat to meet those interrupting physical needs.  That, of course, is the extreme flow situation which unfortunately is rare theses days.  I am easily distracted and fulfilled by people in my life right now and that is all good.  I need relating not solitude these days.

The cool thing is that it is a balance.  For me the need to relate and the need to be solitary come in waves.  I ride the wave of relating until it hits the shore line and then I swim out and catch the wave of solitude and ride it in until …. you get it.  The seasons and the tides change and the length and strength of the waves change as well as the direction and the shoreline you are likely to hit.  Some waves crash on rocky shores and others lap on to a warm sunny beach.

What kind of waves fill your life?  Where are you now?  What wave are you riding.  Remember you choose the next wave to ride.  Be purposeful and deliberate and wait for the one you want.