Last week I was in Nova Scotia at the Shoreclub.  There were people there who I had not seen or even spoken to in more than 42 years.  One old friend recognized me right away when someone said “Do you know who this is?”  “Nancy Love.  What are you doing here?  I thought you moved away?”

So when you have five maybe ten minutes to fill someone in it is interesting what you choose to share.  In 40 years I have earned three degrees and been married three times.  I have worked as a teacher for 20 years and spent 8 of those as a school administrator.  I have also been a mediator and trainer for 15 years in large government organizations in the US and in Canada.  I have travelled to London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Florence, Istanbul, Amman, Dubai, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angelos, Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Honolulu, Washington DC, Charlotte Amelia in the Virgin Islands all more than once.  I have cruised the Mediterranean and the Carribean many times and have crossed the Atlantic.  I have homes in three cities and one mountain retreat.  I have written and published a number of books and have had some great opportunities to meet exciting people all around the world and here in Canada.  I have been a candidate for federal politics and a town councilor.   So what I talked about was my wonderful grandchildren and their mothers … my two beautiful daughters.  I talked about my parents who are still in love after all of these years.

How would you describe your last 40 years?