There is a book that I used by Julia Cameron as a guide to doing journaling when I first started journaling  in 1991.  it was called Finding Water and it was really based on her struggles to become a writer. In someways I related to her but her story was very different than mine so I just kind of filtered out the parts that didn’t apply and gained enormously from the parts that did.

After the last few days I’m wondering if water finds us.

So much is written about and known about water.  It has been studied and revered in poetry as the very essence of life.  We have had a very stark lesson on the destructive nature of water and on how quickly tides and water levels change.  Cougar Creek in Canmore is bone dry today.  A week ago it was a 100 meter wide raging torrent of destruction.

We are mostly water.  We are effected by the pull of the moon and the rotation of the earth. We ebb and flow through life.  We have floods and droughts.  We deal with high water and low tide in our daily lives.  There are lessons for us in this flood, the destruction that necessitates a new beginning and prevent measures for the next round of high water.

Life is good. Whether it is wet or dry, we notice and adjust looking for the right balance of  H2O in our lives and bodies. Not enough is bad.  Too much is also bad. Find your balance in the life giving water, the positive chi and remain in awe of the potential of water to turn on you and destroy allowing regrowth and renewal in waves. Harness its power when you find water.