Amazing the power of water over the other elements.  I am so lucky to have had somewhere else to go when the lights went out.  The time here in Canmore has been enlightening in many ways.  Yesterday we took a ride in to Banff.  Really …it is difficult to know that anything had happened.  The streets were full of tourists.  The bridge at Carrot Creek has been repaired and although there is evidence of fast, high water, there are very few signs that it is still there.  The Bow Falls were ferocious but the water had receded form the high water marks on the banks.  I was concerned that the yellow caution tape was being ignored and when I saw someone inflating a boat of some kind,  I wondered how smart that would be.  I almost used a Nenshi noun. I think we still need to give mother nature and the rivers lots of room.

Here in Canmore I have lots of books on Feng Shui.  Reading about the elements and how they work together and how they can destroy each other is fascinating.  Now I find myself trying to understand how the chi became so strong and so destructive in the rivers and creeks.  Everything is chi – energy. The killing chi was activated by the circumstances and changed the paths of the waters so that they can meander rather than flow directly and can slow down the fierce, fast energy that was flowing previously.  Fast water is too much chi or Yang energy.  Slow stagnate water is too little and represents Yin or dark energy. the Yin energy needs to be balanced with Yang energy or the stagnating water can kill too.

Balance the energy. Yin and Yang work together to create constructive energy in the right measure to create rather than destroy although both are needed.  Someone at Calgary City Hall should consult a Feng Shui master and figure out what needs to happen to protect it the next time.