I have been traveling from Calgary to Edmonton and back a lot. I try to listen to good music or a good book on the road. it makes the three-hour trip quicker somehow. This last trip I dug out a set of CDs from 2007. Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” is a wonderful exploration of the left and right hemispheres. He talks about what we need to survive in this high touch and high concept age and he outlines seven sets of attitudes, skills and Knowledge that each of us will require to be successful in this new world we are living in. Being who I am and wanting to remember the seven items in order to share them with others I have re-ordered them and renames a couple to come up with an easier to remember version…







Yin and Yang

I will talk about each of them in the blog entries that follow this one. Because I didn’t talk notes in the car and I will have to listen again to the book in a note taking environment to comment on them.

I do want to comment on the tone of the book today. It was published in 2007. Daniel Pink’s voice is on the CDs reading the unabridged version of the book. His tone is hopeful and inspired and contains none of the post 2008 concern we have all learned to live with. I was fascinated by this difference in emotion about a future that seemed to be full of endless growth and possibility. It was a reminder that things can change suddenly or they can take 5 years.

By the way … I am retiring from PULSE. I am not leaving my blog but I have found that there are others who can manage the PULSE programs. Marjorie has accepted this month’s assignment and I am confident she will provide excellent instruction to our new PULSE professionals.

I will continue to write and coach from time to time. I will also accept guest appearances from time to time but I have decided that it is time for me to free myself to finish the books I have started and the ones that are still swimming in my thoughts waiting for a chance to escape onto the page or screen or drawing board.

It was a combination of the re-reading (listening to) Daniel Pink’s wonderful book and my time in bookkeeping class that brought me to a place where I can say goodbye to PULSE. Like a child who has grown and is moving out. I believe there are PULSE influences all around the world and that people like you – PULSE professionals – will continue to use it. Write me a note to let me know how you are using it and please keep reading the blogs. I do appreciate the feedback.

Take good CARE. Curiousity, Appreciation, Responsiveness, and Empathy are your friends in conversation. That’s another new acronym. Hope you like it.