So I am transitioning back to my life as a consultant in the next couple of weeks.  It really never ended.  I just had one boss instead of many for the last year.  My work is still about being a conflict resources for people and helping them in and out of conflict which ever is appropriate.

I am looking forward to being back out there.  And as Randy Bachman has been heard to say …” When the curtain comes down and I looking for work again.”  He might say “unemployed”   I don’t think he is and neither am I.  AND I will be looking for work.

What can I do?  Many things.  I can consult and coach and train and mediate and facilitate and I can do all of them quite well.  Lots of experience from which I have learned what not to do as well as what to do, allows me to say that with confidence.  I am good at what I do.

I can also write and I will continue to create information in the written form.  It is my way of  sharing with others that which I have learned from them.  There are a number of writing projects in the hopper that will definitely keep me busy if not employed in the short term.

What would I like to do?  Help people.  If my expertise in managing relationships, the space between two or more people, might help you… let me know.  I enjoy the contribution that occurs when my expertise fills a gap for someone else.  Passing on the how to of organizational health is important to me.  Why should anyone have to make the same mistakes I may have made?

Coaching, Consulting, Writing, Facilitating Conversations for Change.

What will I do?  I am open to the possibilities.