Thanks to all of you who commented on the trip North of 60.  no other blog has brought out the stories in others like that one did.  It got me thinking about how people connect with what others are experiencing.

Recently I was asked to renew my membership in ICF and the questions I had to answer included “What kind of coach are you?”  I wanted to pick a “A damn good one” but it wasn’t’ an option and neither was “Conflict Coach”.  It is a funny term any way. What is a conflict coach?  Someone who coaches you in and out of conflict?  I guess that’s right.  It is what I do.  When people don’t know what to do in a conflict situation I help them get into it and then out again.  Anyway the ICF doesn’t have it on the list of options for “What kind of coach are you?” So am I a business coach? a leadership coach? a relationship coach? hmmmm …

I am the kind of coach that helps you make a difference.  I am the kind of coach who encourages you to increase the likelihood of success in what ever you are striving to achieve.  I help you manage conflict, giving you skills and confidence to create a change in your world.

How does that sound?  I need some feedback here.

I also started an on line program … a pilot for coaches to be coached to improve their business.  I am so looking forward to working with Yvonne Silver.  She is helping me get clear about my coaching business which has evolved over this past year as I was on sabbatical from PULSE.  I like the format of the on line coaching pilot and I like that Yvonne and I both of chapters in an upcoming book – Stepping Stones for Success.  Watch for more information on that coming soon.

So as my term at PCA winds down and I begin to pick up the threads of PULSE watch for a level one training opportunity in May and more opportunities to engage me as a coach for your conflict situations.  If you need to get into conflict and don’t know how OR you are in it and need some help getting out give me a call. 1-888-882-8804 I’ll be available April 8th, 2013.