Have you ever had your mind so full of things you could be doing that you cannot function.  I am already gone to the next thing the second that things get a little bit repetitive or boring.  I have changed offices and homes over the past month and I am exhausted.

Moving requires movement.  I feel physically tired and strained in every part of my body.  I feel emotionally taxed by all of the demands to relive the past as we sort through our belongings.  I feel intellectually challenged by the endless decision making that tires me to the bone.  Head, heart and body challenged, taxed and strained.

And yet there is this excitement in me about the possibilities that are opening because of the move.  I see a live that is simpler and free and warmer and fun.  I see a place for everything even if everything is not in place yet.  I see an organized deliberate life that uses the tools and stuff we have.  Get out the good dishes, the raclette, the good wine and scotch, the favourite clothes, the inspirational books.  Those things and experiences that have been hiding in the back of our closets or on the top shelve are so much more accessible after a move.  If only I had the energy and the time to truly enjoy them.  But wait!  I do!

Some times I have to remind myself that any situation you find yourself in is temporary.  You can slow it down or speed it up or change direction.  You are in the drivers seat.  Do what you can to make it work for you and watch how a shift in attitude changes things more quickly than anything else.

I am a busy person and I enjoy the business of busyness … some days more than others.